Apple are flying through this keynote, not spending much time on features they might otherwise.

Never mind the new iMac Pro, I want that wireless keyboard! I miss the number pad on my current wireless one.

Finally watching the new season of House of Cards.

Made some updates to my websites theme, the link posts now behave like the traditional linked list items and quotes have a style more befitting them.

Typical British weather, sunny and hot in the build up to a bank holiday weekend then wet and cooler when the weekend arrives.

Love it when the sun is shining, it always lifts my mood considerably. ☀️😎

Waking up to the horrible news from Manchester. Praying for all those effected.

Pushed an update to my portfolio this morning to make it easier to update and more versatile layout wise. Keep an eye on it for updates through the week.

Sat down after work to do a bit of design/coding for my website, all of a sudden it’s well after 10pm!

Decided to try and experiment this week. Alarm clock set to go off at 0730 everyday – including Saturday and Sunday – and iPhone alarms turned off.

Cooked breakfast with a friend and now a day of introverting ahead of me. Hopefully some progress on my personal site and portfolio updates.

Such a busy day, all I want to do is crash on the sofa, watch the football and tinker with my new blog design.

Ended the weekend doing some structural design for a new personal website. Clear categories and hopefully some less noise by using a separate stream for Micro posts and photos. Just a case of trying to get WordPress to do what I want, the weakest part of my skill set.

One thing I’ve still not sorted to help me use is posting from my Mac. iOS is no problem thanks to the app and Workflow but the Mac, no so much.

Work finished for the week. Time to relax, feels like it’s been a long week.

I’ve been looking into some of this Indie Web stuff for WordPress that I’ve discovered through, seems interesting. This should crosspost to Twitter.

Hey sleep, I’m over here! 👋🏻😕

I just had this or as close a version to it as I could make for breakfast. Absolutely delicious!