Ended the weekend doing some structural design for a new personal website. Clear categories and hopefully some less noise by using a separate stream for Micro posts and photos. Just a case of trying to get WordPress to do what I want, the weakest part of my skill set.

One thing I’ve still not sorted to help me use Micro.blog is posting from my Mac. iOS is no problem thanks to the app and Workflow but the Mac, no so much.

Work finished for the week. Time to relax, feels like it’s been a long week.

I’ve been looking into some of this Indie Web stuff for WordPress that I’ve discovered through Micro.blog, seems interesting. This should crosspost to Twitter.

Hey sleep, I’m over here! 👋🏻😕

I just had this or as close a version to it as I could make for breakfast. Absolutely delicious!

I still have no idea what I’m gonna do with my phil.coffee web domain. I want to do something with it though. Anyone got any ideas?

The joys of bank holiday Monday working in the coffee house. Two and a half hours to go.

In other news, I’m getting a new bed today! Hoping to get my flat all sorted at last, now that all the big events are done.

Slow morning after a fantastic day yesterday celebrating the marriage of @timwallace89 and @svjones02. Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Wallace, enjoy your honeymoon!

Big day today for @timwallace89! So excited, honoured and frankly terrified to be best man today. #wedding #wallacejones

No, you’re having your fourth cortado of the day… slow lunch in the coffee house makes coffee drinking all the more tempting.

Excited to have my invite to Micro.Blog through. Just getting everything all set up.

Great start to the day, got my car back repaired from the garage. A couple of bonus things fixed as well!

Found myself randomly searching available web domains. Discovered phil.coffee was available for £3. I now own it.

Just spending the morning learning how to shorten my trousers using Mum’s sewing machine. A nice sense of accomplishment.

Finishing a largely glorious weekend watching The Masters, engrossing. Come on Justin Rose!

Picked up the keys to my new flat. Excited to see what God will do as a new chapter starts. Let the gradual move begin.

On a somewhat related note, Safari on iOS is very aggressive at caching.

Nothing like a bit of late night WordPress troubleshooting to solve not being able to sleep.