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One month back on WordPress

It’s been about one month since I restarted my blog back on WordPress. I say restarted rather than moved because so far I’ve yet to add all my old posts to the archive, something I still plan to do, but which I’ve yet to find the time for.

The change was triggered by a combination of things, but the chief ones were ease of posting and familiarity. I used WordPress for well over a decade on this blog and a number of other websites I’ve built over the years. I’ve had dalliances with other CMS’s but ultimately the ecosystem which surrounds WordPress has pulled me back in. The apps I like to use to write are well integrated making it easy to post from my Mac, iPad, or even iPhone if I wish and it’s helped. I may not be posting quite as often as I wanted too when I made the change, but I have posted more to my blog in the last month than I did in the last year. As far as I am concerned that’s a win, and importantly the lack of friction has fuelled my motivation and desire to post more.

Combined with this change to my blog setup I’ve been making greater use of RSS over the last few months. In fact my use of RSS was one of the things that fuelled the move back to WordPress. I’ve found myself returning to a habit I had many years ago. I would ease into my work day with a coffee and my RSS, saving longer posts to read later, reading shorter posts, and sharing the most interesting links through my blog. It’s a nice way to begin the day before a barrage of meetings, and a good way to stay on top of any industry related news. I’ve a feeling it’s going to stick around, and hopefully that means good things for my blog as well.