Experimenting with Craft for my note making

For the best part of the last year I’ve been all in on Obsidian for my note taking. I’ve enjoyed writing in it, seeing it evolve, and playing with it’s theming engine (a bit too much sometimes) but recently I’ve been finding a few issues that have been getting under my skin. The experience of using it on my Mac is fine, in fact it works very well especially when paired with my large external display. When it comes to the iPad and my iPhone though, the experience is way too different. No matter how good the theme is something never quite feels right about the way the app looks and more importantly, the way the app functions.

Whilst I don’t want to confuse motion with progress, I’ve decided it’s time to try another app. One that I’ve found myself coming back to multiple times and have used for one off projects in the last 12 months. I’ve decided it’s time to give Craft a try for my note making. I gave Obsidian at least a 12 month run, so it’s time to give Craft the same.

There’s several things which draw me to Craft, most prominently is it’s native to all the platforms I use. I might be sat at a Mac all day while I work, but when I’m not I use my iPad as my personal computer and it’s during this time when I do most of my note making. Craft’s iPad app is excellent and I’m enjoying using it. The second thing which draws me to the app are it’s integrations. It works with Shortcuts with out me having to think of clever workarounds to do what I want. It has built in actions to send text to Things and Ulysses so I can turn notes into blog posts. Finally, it has many of the features of Obsidian that matter to me. I can connect notes together and see what is linked to it from elsewhere. I have templates for note types that I can easily use to start a new note. The only thing it lacks at the moment is some form of graph view so I can visually see connections between my notes.

I’ve still to decide where to do my journalling. I was using Obsidian for that, but again, for the reasons I’ve already outlined I don’t want to continue. It might be time to revert to Day One on my iPad, but I may also give the daily notes of Craft a try. This is after all an experiment in implementing a note making method in a new app. It works for some, the question is, will it work for me?