Any day can be Blue Monday

Today, the third Monday of January, is commonly referred to as Blue Monday. It’s considered to be the most depressing day of the year. By this time people are feeling down because they have broken all their New Year’s resolutions and there’s still another week until pay day.

Day’s like this that receive a lot of coverage in the press can be both damaging and helpful to mental health awareness. They can harm mental health awareness by giving the impression that depression or other illnesses only happen on particular days, but they can be helpful by bringing conversations up with people. They can be helpful to highlight that every day can be a Blue Monday, it is not confined to a single Monday in January. Instead it can strike on any day, at any time. My Blue Monday’s have been on a Friday in December, a Monday in August, and a Tuesday in January. Each on years or months apart. What’s important to know is that they are all survivable.

If you are struggling with your own Blue Monday you’re not alone. People are there to help you, be they family, friends, or healthcare professionals. They all care about you. Don’t suffer in silence.