Adding the archive

I’ve begun the long process of adding in some of my old posts from previous iterations of this site. My apologies if this triggers a load of posts in your RSS. I’m working backwards, and I’ve now added all the posts from 2023 and 2022. It will be a slow process as I’ve decided to add each post manually, importing from the markdown file I have saved. Initially I am just adding the more formal posts but may go back and add all the link posts I’ve made at some point.


ChrisJWilson 2023-09-17

@philbowell I had missed your return to WordPress. Looks nice.

philbowell 2023-09-17

@ChrisJWilson Thanks Chris, it’s just a theme at the moment but I plan to create a custom one that’s more my style going forward. For now it’s about getting posting regularly again.