Relaxed time with my parents in their caravan. Good to get away from work for a night.

Ideas, Time Traveller, Maker, Path or Grass. What should be my next @baronfig Apprentice?

Noticing a number of websites have flickering type on my Mac over the last couple of weeks. Very weird.

I have a feeling today is going to be a coffee fuelled one. Lots todo, not enough to time to do it…

No news app on iPad 2. That’s sad…

Living on the edge… decided to install the iOS 9 beta on my ancient iPad 2 to see if it’s any quicker.

Typical, it waits until I’m in the car park at the supermarket before absolutely lashing it down.

Everytime I’m on the brink of falling to sleep I hear a noise that jolts me to my senses and I’m wide awake again.

TypeTogether really do make stunning typefaces. I’m finding they’re increasingly becoming my go to type foundry.

Been intrigued by the notion of microblogging on my own domain and then posting to Twitter. Blog post coming soon.

Could really do with a Do Note app for the Mac. Finding it works really well for u distracted tweeting.

Good end to the working week hanging out with @timwallace89 and @svjones02 over BBQ food and beer!

Interesting read, MPs not giving themselves a pay rise. It’s been decided for them and there’s no way of refusing it.

I don’t like doing it too often, but since finished work I’ve done nothing. Can barely keep my eyes open, time for bed.

Pretty close call, wonder how fast he was going…

So the new iPod touch matches the iPhone in 3 of its colours. Should we expect pink and blue iPhones in the autumn?

The longer I work for myself, the more inclined I am to look for smaller businesses to shop from.

Another #BuySmall suggestion for @ugmonk, really dig the style of this brand.

As a small business owner I Love the idea of #BuySmall! No better place to start than @baronfig…

Nice to end the day out in the garden. Lawn mowed and fed, tomatoes and sweet peppers growing well. Even the rocket is starting to appear.