D&AD Awards 2009 ›

The D&AD Awards for 2009 have been announced. Being a designer I always look forward to seeing what The Establishment has picked out to honour each year. It barely seems like 2 months, let alone 2 years since I was exhibiting at the student awards.

Anyway, my highlights for this year are the black pencil award for the new UK coins by Matt Dent. As well as the 2 yellow pencil awards for the Harvey Nichols advertising for their new Bristol store by DDB London.

What’s a Browser? ›

A very interesting video produced by a guy from Google. He went out to the streets of New York and asked people if they knew what a browser is. I’m not in the slightest bit surprised by the answers given. I’ve come across similar uncertainty at work when I’ve told people to open their browser and go to a web site. It’s not until you say the words web site they realise I mean go on the internet.

Fever Released ›

Congratulations to Shaun Inman who has just released the first version of his new feed reader Fever. I’ll be checking this out later, but I’m intrigued at the way it seems to be filling a gap in the feed reading market by promoting items you might find more interesting to the top of the list rather than leaving them for you to discover yourself.