1 Year on

So over the weekend, 28th August, my ventures in the world of blogging turned 1 year old and it’s certainly been an interesting year.

On the 28th August I opened my blogger account and started with this post. It was a humble beginning and only really happened because I was bored. After coming across the wonders of Binary Bonsai I discovered WordPress and K2. Driven by wanting to use this theme I found a blogger template to match it and my blog was soon looking as K2 and wordpress as I could get it to look.


I was soon getting into this blogging business, posting was a bit sporadic and I didn’t really know what I was writing or doing, but I was enjoying it and I came up with posts like these in my moments of madness. As I got further into things I wanted more from my blogging experience. Really I wanted something that I could make my own. So I moved to a free domain at orgfree.com. It was somewhat turbulant. K2 didn’t work with the domain initially and I wasn’t able to do all that I wanted to. Blogging continued though. Sadly those posts are lost as, being the novice I am, I didn’t backup and import the posts when Electric Weekend was born.

Since then I have been on somewhat of a journey. The appearance of this here blog has changed greatly, but I now seem to have settled on a design. It’s not quite finished and we still need to do a few bits on it, but it’s pretty much there.

current blog

So onto the next year of my blog. What does it hold for me? Well, hopefully more of whats been and more of God. I am increasingly feeling that my blog can be a way of talking about Jesus and the impact he has had on my life. Not just on how he has impacted the way I live my life, but also the way he has impacted my work and my designs. I have a dissertation to write on the use of Christian symbols and ideas/concepts in advertising and I expect to use my blog to discuss some of this as I go through it all. It’s gonna be an exciting time, so please do keep reading and coming back. This blog is for me primarily, but it would be nice to hear of what you think about it. Please do leave a comment. Here’s to another year of Electric Weekend.


It’s been a bit of a gap in blogging of late, so I must first apologise for that. One thing that I want to stress is that this is my blog and so I don’t really stick to a pattern of blogging, I just tend to do it when I have something to say or when I feel like it. One of the reason why I haven’t posted much is that I haven’t really done much of late other than work and chill out so I haven’t really felt like writing. Hopefully this will change over the next few weeks. I finish work on Thursday and will have a couple of weeks before I go back to Uni. I intend to start reading for my dissertation in these weeks, so you may get something of interest to read soon.

You will have noticed a bit of a change in the sites desgin. Ben has implemented a bit more of my design. It’s almost finished now, there are just a few logistics that need working out etc. I’m preparing a bit of a launch post, so when it’s all completed I will post that. Any feedback on the design will be greatly appreciated.


I’ve been thinking lately that my clothes are getting tired looking. It’s one of those things that has happened as I have been at uni. I just seem to wear the same clothes over and over. Back when I was in school and at college I used to sop regularly, I would go into town and invariably come back with a couple of new t-shirts. This served up two things, one I used to spend my money quicker and two it meant the my wardrobe always looked fresh and didn;t have many old t-shirts. I now feel its time. Time to buy some new clothes. Let the sorting of clothes and throwing away of clothes and buying of new ones begin!!

My Moleskine

Recently around the internet, well really the blogs I read, I have been seeing a lot of people talk about these little sketchbooks/notepads, whatever you want to call them. It’s kind of inspired me a little bit.

In September I will be entering into the final year of my degree and it’s kind of triggered a bit of a let’s look at myself moment. It was kind of triggered by my results for the last semester, which had dropped off from the first semester. Basically, it has made me consider my routines, habits, sleeping patterns that kind of thing, its all a bit of a self analasis and a what can I change to make things better.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with a Moleskine at the moment? Well one of the things I realised was that I don’t seem to be very organised. This can be applied to many different aspects of my life and is rather a strange one considering how much I like things to look and feel balanced, you would think I was a very organised person. So enter the Moleskine. There’s also another aspect that has come to the fore of my mind. As a creative I have always been encouraged to have a sketch book with me at all times. When I was younger I used to draw a lot, but as I have gotten older and discovered computers etc this has been way laid a little. So, once again, enter the Moleskine.

The Plan

In simple terms my plan is to always carry this little book around with me.

In slightly longer terms my plan is to use this book for everything. To write to-do lists in it, to jot down little bits of information I might need in it, to when I have an idea sketch it out in it, for when I’m sat waiting to sketch something in it, basically for it to contain as much as it possibly can. It is to function as, well, a resource I suppose. A resource for the jobs I need to do that day, a resource for what I have got on the week, for little bits of creativity, for pretty much everything really.

Now I don’t think that this can function on its own, while it will serve to keep me a bit more organised, using it in this manner may make it a little hard to track bits and bobs down, so the idea is to use it in partnership with other items.

In Partnership With…

iCal. The calendar packaged with OS X. It’s easy to use and integrates with everything else on my Mac. The idea is to transfer events and appointments from the Moleskine and process them as I do it.

My Uni Sketch Book. To handle the ideas for my work which I get whilst out and about but quite often forget unless I talk to whoever I’m with about it.

My Bible. I intend to use the Moleskine for everything, including a few notes at Church and CU and as a way of remembering people to pray for.

So there it is, thats what I intend to use it for. by starting now, before i go back to Uni I hope for it to become a bit of a habit that will carry on to become second nature. Now I just have to tackle the whole sleeping pattern and other such issues when I am at Uni.

Beckham out

Today saw the release of the first England Squad under new manager Steve McLaren. I have only one thing to say about it. I’m very pleased with it. McLaren has dropped Beckham in favour of younger more effective players. Beckham did well for us in the past, but at the last World Cup was ineffective, time for a new generation. Well done McLaren.

Panic Over

I saw there was a release of K2 today, version 0.9, so uploaded it to see what it was like. It seemed just break my blog so I have returned to the older version I was using before. I am hoping the Ben will be able to code my site into the new version of K2, purely so there are less bugs. I am not going to use the rolling archives etc as I feel they just add bloat to the whole thing.


So the Keynote of the WWDC ’06 has been and gone and we got the little sneak peak of Leopard. I suspect rather a lot of the major features were kept secret and hidden. I’m not gonna go on about it all, except to say I can’t wait for Leopard and I wish more of my friends had a Mac or used AIM instead of MSN so that I can make use of those new features in Leopard.

Mac OS X and blue wallpapers

Why is it that Mac OS X looks so good with predominantly blue wallpapers??

It’s something I have noticed alot recently. My last wallpaper was predominantly blue, the default is Blue(Aqua) and me next wallpaper is blue(yes I know which one I am going to use next, yes it’s a little bit sad!). It’s funny and rather interesting.

Keyboard Questions ›

So soon, well probably after WWDC ’06, I will be buying an iMac to replace my iBook as my primary computer. I’m a bit stuck. Before the BT Mighty Mouse was released I was going to buy the Logitech keyboard and mouse for Mac. I was going for this option as I wanted a wireless desktop (I really hate wires) but at the same time wanted one to match my Mac (I’m a sucker for things matching and looking good!). Then with the release of the BT Mighty Mouse I now find myself stuck. Do I buy the BT keyboard and MM from Apple, or buy the logitech setup. I have heard bad things about the Apple Keyboards but have never seen one of these Logitech setups to try out. Does anyone have any feedback or suggestions on the matter??

Well Done Jenson!


As usual on a Sunday I sat and watched the Grand Prix. I’m one of those fans of it that will sit and watch the race no matter how interesting it is, I alsways find some enjoyment out of it. Todays race was a bit of a cracker. It had everything right from the off. The fact that it was a wet race may have contributed to this, but at the end of the day it was a stunning race. Over taking left, right and centre, crashes and all the other dramas normally attributed to a a Grand Prix.

Now normally I don’t blog about F1, I’m not into it so much that I will give facts and figures, nor is it something I live and breath, but I do enjoy it and always will. Now I’m a big McLaren fan, always have been, but I also like to look out for the British drivers, David Coulthard and Jenson Button. I’m liable to cheer them on and hope they do well even if it means beating a McLaren.

Todays race wasn’t just a thrill to watch because of all the action, but because JB finally won! He produced a stunning drive and got exactly what he deserved. While all the other drivers around him were falling off the track, including Michael Schumacher :D, he kept his cool, smooth driving style to come through from 14th on the grid and win. I have to say congratulations, well and truely deserved.

there was only one sour point to the whole thing. At the end of the race the commentator said it took people falling offf the track for it to happen, but he is there, he;s finally won a race. Now excuse me, I know the only person ahead of him at one point was Fernando Alonso, and yes his car broke, but you forget one thing. At that point in the race, Jenson was closing in on Fernando by 2 seconds a lap, he would’ve caught him regardless of his retirement. I’m in no doubt that Jenson would’ve won that race anyway, when he was lapping that much faster than the only person ahead of him then I beleive he would’ve passed the world champion on the track, he had already passed Schumacher earlier in the race as it was.

Anyway, enough of that. Well done Jenson Button! Britain has an F1 winner once again! Hopefully this is the plat form the team needs so that Jenson can really challenge for the title next season.

Some Blogging Guidelines ›

Ben at Open Switch currently has an interesting article based around some blogging guidelines. I have to say I like some of them and do work by them myself. The main one being, I only post when I find something that interests me or that I feel I need/want to say. I know the only blogs I read tend to be the ones that have something specific to say, the only times I get disappointed when they don’t post for a while, is usually because what they do say is interesting and I like reading it!


It’s always nice to feel inspired. It gives you energy, motivation and joy.

Knowing you’ve inspired someone else. Well that too gives you strength, energy, joy, a belief in your abilities and a hope. Be it just to redesign a website, knowing you inspired someone gives you that hope. A hope that just maybe you can inspire someone to do something more than redesign their website. Is that hope God given? I’m pretty sure it is.


It’s one of the most important aspects of being a Christian. It’s that conversation with your Maker, your Saviour. It’s one of the most intimate things. It’s the time you bare yourself to God, where you come before him, talk and listen.

On your own it is incredibly powerful and intimate. As a group it is incredibly powerful, but slightly less intimate. Sharing it with someone else it is incredibly powerful and intimate. Not only does it draw you closer to God, it draws the other person closer to God, but it also draws you closer to each other. Sharing a thing as powerful as talking to your creator with someone can only bring you closer together, such an experience so focused on God can bring you both together.

It can strengthen. It can strengthen your relationship with God. It can strengthen you. By letting God in, he can work in you, mould you and shape you, he can create you into the true person he made you to be. Prayer at the centre of your relationship can strengthen you both and the relationship. It can bring you both closer to God, individually and as a couple, it can also bring you closer together strengthening your relationship. Keeping you both aiming for the same thing, keeping you both aiming for and living for God. Sharing a moment like that with your maker and the person who God guided you to is the most initmate thing in the world. Sharing everything with your maker and that person is incredible. Knowing that God provided the other person for you and you for them is such a, well I can’t really find the words to describe it, but knowing he has a path for you both, individually and as a couple, well again I can’t find the words.

So prayer, the most intimate thing in the world.