Excited to have my invite to Micro.Blog through. Just getting everything all set up.

Great start to the day, got my car back repaired from the garage. A couple of bonus things fixed as well!

Found myself randomly searching available web domains. Discovered phil.coffee was available for £3. I now own it.

Just spending the morning learning how to shorten my trousers using Mum’s sewing machine. A nice sense of accomplishment.

He Is Risen!

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?”

John‬ ‭11:25 – 26‬ 

Finishing a largely glorious weekend watching The Masters, engrossing. Come on Justin Rose!


Cereal Magazine is one of my favourite publications, ever since I came across it I’ve preordered every copy and own the Copenhagen field guide.

These Islands looks like a beautiful coffee table piece documenting their favourite places in the British Isles. Definitely one for birthday or Christmas lists this year.

Picked up the keys to my new flat. Excited to see what God will do as a new chapter starts. Let the gradual move begin.

On a somewhat related note, Safari on iOS is very aggressive at caching.

Nothing like a bit of late night WordPress troubleshooting to solve not being able to sleep.

Thoughts and prayers with those in Westminster who were targeted in the attack. Also with the family and friends of those who have died.

Dentist stage one complete. Now to wait for the numbness to wear off and then eyes on wisdom tooth extraction on Monday.

Massively enjoyed writing my sermon on my iPad this morning. Ulysses and the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard are an excellent match.

Four weeks in. Five books read.

Three novels, one biography and one design theory.

Next up, a novel and a Christian theology book.

New web project with a chance to play with columns. Did we really go for column-gap over gutter?

Trying to find a font, seems like the Typekit website could do with a couple of coffees…

Joined the world of Fitbit today with some Christmas money and a discount. Anyone else use one? I need some competition!

Backed my first ever Kickstarter yesterday. Really intrigued by micro.blog and how it can effect micro blogging.