There are many elements of graphic design


helping you tell your story

Every company has a brand. Most companies don't even realise this, and they certainly don't realise it's the most important thing they own. But once they do realise, it's important to make sure that their brand is working for them. If it's not telling the story of their company properly, chances are it's not working as hard as it could be. I can help with that.

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Print Design

helping you tell your story physically

Essential to helping you tell your story is the ability to communicate in all mediums. I've a wealth of experience designing for print and helping you to tell your story in ways which are engaging and memorable.

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Web Design

helping you tell your story digitally

With the internet becoming increasingly more important by the day communicating with your customers on the web is vital. I'm experienced in designing websites (A website I designed for a church in Cheltenham was recently shortlisted for an award!) to help you tell your story.

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Put it all together and what have you got?

The Missing Element

your business needs

All the elements you need in one place to help you effectively communicate with your customers in a fresh and exciting way.

Who is the Missing Element?

Phil Bowell

graphic designer

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