If Adobe were to release a full blown version of Illustrator for iPad Pro I would genuinely sell my iPad Air 2 and buy a Pro. Just spent an hour revising a logo design using Bez and some custom fonts and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Founding Baron Fig ➔

I’ve linked to the series that’s being written on Medium of the founding of Baron Fig in the past, but they’ve recently been publishing new parts of the series. As ever it’s a good glimpse into the life of a new startup and the problems they’ve faced. The guys at Baron Fig continue to inspire me.

Nothing quite like an afternoon revising and realigning your blog design. When I don’t do my own creative projects, I forget how much I need that time.

I’ve been having email issues on my Mac with Mail.app lately. Not staying connected or able to connect without restarting, decided to give Airmail a try on all my devices.

If you’ve never downloaded Hazel for your Mac, fix that. Just set up a bunch of rules to sort my receipts and received invoices into a yearly archive, so easy and it’s going to be a massive time saver.

This week has felt very admin-y, lots of numbers and paperwork, looking forward to spending some time doing some creative bits tomorrow.

It seems to be a day for securing usernames and domains. Just need to the Twitter handle now.

I just secured 18TWO.com. Now the question is, do I stick with .co.uk as the main domain or switch to .com?

The sun is out, the sky is blue, the evenings are lighter. Nothing like a bit of good weather to keep you relaxed after a break. Praise God!

Very proud of my Dad who lead his church through a Passover Seder tonight for the first time. Throughly enjoyed it.

Ulysses 2.5 for iPad and, Now, iPhone Review ➔

A glowing review which I couldn’t agree with more. Ever since I downloaded it for my iPad I’ve been using the app, now it’s on my iPhone as well everything I write for this site goes through the app. Paired with the Mac app, it’s great for writing sermons in as well.

Hello 6 days of holiday, how nice it is to see you! Time for a bit of much needed rest and relaxation, my battery feels pretty flat.

One Year In: Why a Die-Hard Mechanical Watch Lover Can’t Get the Apple Watch Off His Wrist (and Why That Matters) ➔

Interesting read in to how a Die-Hard Mechanical Watch Lover has fallen for the Apple Watch.

I’m becoming more Andre intrigued by this device. When the rumours for it began I didn’t see the point, but as software develops for it my attention becomes increasingly caught. It’ll be interesting to see when and how the second generation Watch builds on this initial offering.

Always good to return to an idea you worked up for a personal project and still think it works.

Why Margin Is Critical for Doing Your Best Creative Work ➔

A healthy dose of margin in your life gives you the space you need to think, dream, strategize, wrestle through complexity, focus deeply, and, ultimately, do your best creative work.

This piece by Shawn Blanc has been sat in my Instapaper for quite a while, but when I read the sentence above I immediately agreed. When you’re in constant hustle mode, when everything down to what jobs you work on and when you can find time to send out those all important invoices is imperative to your ability to exist in life, decisions and dreams disappear. When there’s no margin in anything in your life, your ability to work well goes and your ability to even think creatively vanishes let alone do the work your business depends on.

I’ve learnt the hard way, margin in life is imperative to being able to create well.