Slightly disappointed in myself for letting the release of new Coldplay music pass me by. Making up for it now though.

Using my iPad for some further ideas generation and realising just how useful an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil would be right now.

Decided to go and do some sketch book ideas work in my favourite coffee house. It’s normal quite peaceful and not that many people sitting in. Awesome to see it’s full when I arrive! Good coffee wins.

Looking forward to 3rd party apps with drag & drop support, especially interested to see how @culturedcode do it with Things. Dragging emails to create tasks in Things from would be awesome.

Sometimes you just need to spend a Sunday morning reading, listening to music, and drinking coffee. If you’ve never read Mere Christianity change that.

Apparently it’s world emoji day. Here’s my day in emoji so far…


Interesting evening seeing a friend launch a book he has a short story in and hearing some bits read out.

Workloads and Creativity

I’ve noticed over the last few weeks a distinct correlation between my ability to spend time on side projects and the amount of design work I have going on. Juggling a part time job in the Coffee House alongside running my design business makes for a distinct lack of energy to keep my side/personal projects going when things get busy. I find my motivation drops as my energy gets used up juggling the two, and it’s a source of disappointment since I know the importance of doing my own creative things on the side.

It seems to be a matter of margin or focus, I’m yet to work out which, but my gut (which is usually right) tells my it’s about focus. When I become invested in a project it dominates my mind. It becomes what I think about when I’m not really thinking and I’ve certainly become aware that this is what has been happening of late. It’s the reason I’ve started yet another side project that will operate on a schedule and is on a topic completely unrelated to any of my other side projects.

Whilst having a project sit at the top of my mind is helpful for work, it’s not always helpful for me mentally. I need to be able to create things just for the sake of creating them. It brings me a joy and satisfaction that creating for a client doesn’t always bring. Eric Liddell once said

I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast! And when I run I feel his pleasure. 

I’ve never thought about it in that way but I can certainly relate to it. Like Liddell I believe God made me for a purpose, but I know He also gave me a gift of creativity and a passion for design. When I use my gift, especially just for the sake of it and not just for my work, I feel His pleasure.

God created the world because he wanted to, because it gave him satisfaction and joy to do it (Genesis 1 v 31). He enjoyed walking in his creation and meeting with the people he created, which we learn from Genesis 3 v 9 when God goes looking for Adam & Eve. When I create something because I want to, I feel God’s pleasure because in some way I am mirroring Him and that is an incredible thing.

My God is the God of creation and He has given me the gift of creativity. When I use that gift to create I feel His pleasure and that’s why I need to firm my resolve to create for the sake of creating something because I want to create it.

It’s been a throughly pleasant day of watching sport. The Lions game, the Formula 1 qualifying and the Test Match. The only break being for a nice walk in the sun to treat myself to a flat white. #winning

Also, waiting for name servers to propagate is rubbish. Just let me start my new project idea!

Another heatwave hitting the UK, I could get used to this. Sunshine is so good for the soul. ☀️😎

Been listening to the new London Grammar album thanks to the latest @ugmonk email. Never listened to them before, absolutely top notch. Thanks for the heads up Jeff!

I’ve been using the free trial of @culturedcode’s Things 3 the last week or so. Superb app. Feels like it suits my way of thinking perfectly.

Apple are flying through this keynote, not spending much time on features they might otherwise.

Never mind the new iMac Pro, I want that wireless keyboard! I miss the number pad on my current wireless one.

Finally watching the new season of House of Cards.