Using iPad Pro as a Laptop Replacement ➔

Really interesting post from Ben Brooks about using his new iPad Pro as a laptop replacement. what struck me most was this quote

You can’t break iOS.

I leave that on its own line because you really need to think about that for a moment.

You can’t break iOS.

it’s the reason I constantly recommend people get iPad’s and ihadn’t  even realised it.

My little studio/design den/home office is all tidy and ready for the week ahead. Need some better book storage though.

What. A. Win! #coyr #nffc

Bought my Now TV Sky sports day pass in preparation for #nffc vs #dcfc tonight. Come on you reds!

Finally dismantled two old Macs to retrieve the hard drives and get rid of the rest. iBooks are stubborn devices though.

It really baffles me why people like to celebrate evil when there is so much more to be discovered in the light.

Ugh, I forgot about Jaja Binks.

Might be watching Star War episode 1… want to watch them all before the new one is out.

I have all the sneezes! 😕😷

It seems my old Apple Display just died. Time to begin researching a new external display. What’s everyone using these days?

Interesting read. Who knew “sharenting” was a thing…

Was also advised not to charge my phone over night to make it last longer. Never heard this before.

Had a play with an iPhone 6s today, 3D Touch works very well. Looking forward to being able to upgrade.

A bit of late night design work done and now time for an episode of The Newsroom before bed.

Nothing like starting the morning with a Git Pull Request. #winning #progress

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem this morning.

Recently moved all my design projects into Trello. Works as my digital job board and connects with the visual ordered way my brain thinks.

Excellent! Three more #nffc games on tv, love it! #coyr!