Shaved off the moustache yesterday, feel like myself again. Top lip was a bit cold though.

3 Days of Mo

Only three days of Mo left. It’s been prickly, itchy and spiky month but all for a worthy cause.

One thing I’ve learnt through all this is that 4 in every 5 suicides globally are men, that’s a scary statistic and the Movember Foundation are seeking to cut that be 25% by 2030. Every little counts.

Coffee House

Thankful for good WiFi in the coffee house while my internet at home is down meaning I can continue to work on exciting projects.

About Me ➔

For a while now I’ve owned the domain, I bought it while it was cheap and to make sure no one else got hold of it and thus cause confusion with the domain of this blog. I’ve wondered what to do with it for most of that time, briefly it acted as a micro-blog but I merged that with this site a few months back. This evening while doing a bit of introverting I picked up my iPad (where I designed it and set the basic html structure), then my MacBook (where I implemented the CSS) and ended up with a new web page. A small about me should anyone stumble upon it. The only thing I’ve yet to do is optimise it for an iPhone sized display but it’s working pretty well on an iPad sized screen and upwards.


Great to spend a few minutes on my own after church enjoying an excellent coffee in a very comfortable chair. Of course the fact that it’s a design classic also helped.

We Will Remember Them

We will remember them. I always have a poppy for Remembrance Day, to both remember and to support the British Legion who gave my Grandad a salute at his funeral.

The camera on the iPhone 7 really is excellent, to the point that I haven’t even considered using my old DSLR for anything.

Movember Update

My moustache is taking root.

My Movember Page

So tomorrow is the first day of November or Movember as it’s come to be known. It might not be as fashionable as it used to be but I’ve always been a fan of it, anything that raises the awareness of mens health. This year I noticed they also do work towards raising the awareness of mental health in men. As someone who has been affected by mental illness (depression specifically) I decided this year was the year I would take part.

If mental illness has affected you or someone you know please do consider sponsoring my moustache!

Airfoil 5.5: Now Playing on Chromecast! ➔

One of my favourite Mac utilities has just been updated to add some excellent functionality. Airfoil now supports Chromecast and it works very well.

I’ve never understood why AirPlay from an iOS device only allows you to send audio to one speaker at a time, Airfoil is the perfect way to fix that. My MacBook Pro is normally on and so I AirPlay to Airfoils sister app Airfoil Satellite and then using the iOS Satellite app send the audio to what ever speakers I want. Since I have a Chromecast in my little studio I can now easily send Apple Music to my speakers without faffing around with cables. I put it to good use this morning streaming to both my studio speakers and kitchen speakers while I moved between the two rooms.


Well played autumn, well played.

I really dislike the last week of October. It feels like every shop, website, and tv show becomes obsessed by Halloween.

I can’t help but feel like the only useful thing on this new MacBook Pro Touch Bar is the Touch ID sensor.

I still get excited by Apple events over ten years after I started following them. The possibilities new tech provides is exciting.

Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio ➔

Microsoft have introduced the Surface Studio which looks incredible. As a designer this has instantly appealed to me. When I was a teenager studying for my GCSEs and A-Levels I had a large drawing table in my bedroom, I used it as my desk to do all my design coursework since at the time it was all mostly done by hand. When I watched this video I was instantly taken back to that time, this looks like the drawing table of today. It looks like the iMac Apple could make if they applied some of their iPad vision to the world of desktop computing.

Been on Twitter all evening with Apple Supprt since the iOS 10.1 app broke the Health app. Nothing seems be fixing it, now being escalated.

Back at work again after a week off due to my back. Spent a lot of the week reading and automating. Workflow is amazing.

My View This Week

Took this a couple of weeks ago, Autumn is the best time of year. Amazing colours.

I’ve a feeling it might be time to move on from Fever to another RSS engine. Any recommendations for me?