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This is a really interesting post from Colin Walker about what we have effectively been doing on social media for the last 10 years. Painting a self portrait of ourselves over time.

I’ve never thought about it like that before, and when you add in you’re own blog or personal site, it makes for a rich and textured ongoing piece. His conclusions at the end of the post are challenging…

We can tell the stories we think other people want to hear. We can tell skewed stories as we are often not truly honest with ourselves. We tell other people’s stories rather than our own, without comment, without opinion.

What use are the wrong stories and are we doing ourselves a disservice by telling them?

I think, that without realising it, over the last few months of trying to revitalise my blog and using I and many others are trying to reclaim our stories and take hold of the paintbrush.

Posting to Twitter through your own site first changes the focus of the service entirely. We go from being a passive consumer, liking, retweeting, replying, with the occasional original post, to an original post being the focus. We are creating and adding to our own story rather than expanding and adding to someone else’s. Of course it’s not wrong to be involved in other people’s lives, we are created to be in community, but by creating first the involvement turns into a conversation rather than just turning the volume up for someone else. There’s a balance to be found.

Love the buzz when solving a coding problem that felt like it had me beat. Very satisfying not to have to resort to help requests just by showing a little more patience.

Started playing around with a new child theme for my blog yesterday. Considering mirroring my Goodreads read list in some way.

Good start to the day. A recurrence of my old back pain from about a year ago, just what I wanted.

Obligatory first post from for Mac. Nice to have access to the service from my Mac, just need to iron the issue of my posts not appearing there now.

Beautility, My Ultimate iPhone Setup ›

Forgive me for linking to a piece on Medium, especially one that requires you to log in to read. But this interesting approach to using an iPhone compelled me to do so.

I’ve been feeling a bit of “app fatigue” when it comes to my iPhone lately. So many things on it feel like a bit of a time suck, a way to easily get lost in a world of social media and news. On reflection, maybe I’ve started to fall into too much habitual checking of apps and not letting my mind wander with down time. It could be an interesting experiment to try and see what effect this kind of setup might have on my iPhone use.

Realised this morning that I have too many websites so I want to simplify. Question, blog and portfolio together or on separate sites?

Didn’t register it was 9/11 until this evening thanks to the way we write the date here (11/9). 15 years on and I can still remember it as clearly as if it was yesterday. Some events live long in the memory.

Nothing better than having the test match on in the background while sorting out things in the flat.

Nothing like a bit of trouble shooting on the blog to disrupt a relaxed start to the day.

A bacon sandwich and coffee, the best way to start a sunny bank holiday Monday. #dayoff

Another one from Sunday’s walk home after church. Spotted this random bit of bunting on an office building, a hidden, subtle flash of colour.



Cheltenham in the sun is beautiful. Took this of the bridge near my house while I was walking home from church yesterday. The weather hasn’t been anywhere near as beautiful today.

NEVER change your Apple ID password. Complete hell hole.