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Derek Kedziora neatly sums up The Hidden Complexity of Static Sites and why I decided to move back to WordPress. It’s just easier and integrates with a lot things without having to jump through a load of hoops.

I’ve begun the long process of adding in some of my old posts from previous iterations of this site. My apologies if this triggers a load of posts in your RSS. I’m working backwards, and I’ve now added all the posts from 2023 and 2022. It will be a slow process as I’ve decided to add each post manually, importing from the markdown file I have saved. Initially I am just adding the more formal posts but may go back and add all the link posts I’ve made at some point.

These photos from 2023 Ocean Photographer of the Year competition are amazing. I particularly like the one of the polar bear and the hump back whale but all of them show fascinating glimpses into the life of the ocean.

A few months ago I came across a blog that has been a mainstay in my RSS feeds ever since. I enjoy each and every post for the simple reason that it is the only place to find them and the thoughts of the author.

He is introducing a new series called People and Blogs which will run for at least a year. It’s a newsletter delivered every week with an interview of a person about their blog. I’ve signed up and hope to add some interesting feeds to my RSS off the back of it.

Label Craft by Jordan Bell is a fantastic little piece of the internet I stumbled across while having my morning coffee. It’s a preservation of craft beer labels removed from cans. I particularly like the label from Transmitter Brewing, and the accompanying Flickr gallery.

I will always be fascinated by the tools people use, whenever someone posts to their blog with a tour of their desk, office, or a list of the tools they use it’s an instant read. This one from Devon Dundee is no different. Maybe I should write my own version.


I really enjoying reading things about daily life from people living in unusual parts of the world. So this perfectly titled blog (brr) about life at the South Pole fits the bill. An instant addition to my RSS feeds.

(Via Robin Rendle)

I’ve a long standing interest in the power of habits and what they can help us accomplish. Oddly I’d never considered the impact of bad habits, but in a post on his blog Chris talks about a recent process he went through in listing out his bad habits. It’s a really interesting idea, something I’ll probably give a go in the coming days.

Once in a while the internet pops up a great little typography game. This time around it’s called Kern Type and is an addictive challenge to correct the kerning of random words.

I really like blog posts that give a behind the scenes for design changes. I’ve just written an internal post for my work on the reasoning I’ve made changes to a key part of our user experience.

This is an interesting look at the effect of a new icon design for Foodnoms has increased downloads. I wish more developers and designers would be this transparent about their work. It’s great evidence that shows how important the users are in our design considerations. No matter how well you know your users you don’t know what’s the most effective design until you speak to them.

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