I'm a Christian, a designer, and a gadget fan who lives in Cheltenham, UK.

This is my blog, a creative outlet to mess around and play with as well as a place that logs my thoughts and inspirations.

Letter Play

When I was back home at my par­ents over Christ­mas I sort­ed through a cou­ple of box­es of bits that were tak­ing up some space in the room I sleep in when I’m there. Dur­ing the process I came across some of my old sketch­books from my Art Foun­da­tion course and had a flick through.
I was struck by how dif­fer­ent they were com­pared to the note­books I’ve been keep­ing for the last few years. They were full of cre­ativ­i­ty. Each page was dif­fer­ent, whether it was explor­ing my own ideas on a project, or a con­tex­tu­al spread about a design­er or artist that inspired me.
The last cou­ple of days have been odd ones for me. After many months of not feel­ing much of the effects of my depres­sion, yes­ter­day when I woke up I could feel the heav­i­ness and fog of it. I had the same thing this morn­ing, so I’ve done what is the only thing I can do. I’ve tried to push on and not let it stop me doing my work.
This evening I put a film on, one of my favourites, Good Will Hunt­ing and grabbed my sketch book, a scalpel, two mag­a­zines I get free from Wait­rose, a pritt-stick, and my Bible. I flicked to one of my favourite vers­es and while I watched the film I sat on the floor cut­ting out words and letters.
It’s been a long time since I did any­thing like this and about ten min­utes before the film fin­ished I had fin­ished. It might’ve tak­en me a lot longer than I remem­ber it tak­ing, but for those two hours there was no fog and I was just able to enjoy being absorbed in some­thing a lit­tle more cre­ative than my nor­mal design work.

The Week in Links

Issue 15 of The Week in Links is a very visu­al one. Pho­tog­ra­phy is at the heart of it, with pho­to sto­ries from a trip to Van­cou­ver, an Apple Watch review, dif­fer­ent ways a design team uses note­books and the sto­ry of one of my favourite cycling races. Enjoy!

The Week In Links

This week’s edi­tion high­lights just four things I think are worth look­ing at. The first is some­thing I’ve nev­er real­ly thought about, but on reflec­tion and with my inter­est in typog­ra­phy, should’ve been high up on the list. Fol­low­ing that is a valu­able resource for any­one with an inter­est in in typog­ra­phy, an insight­ful look into a cycle for gen­er­at­ing mean­ing­ful con­tent before end­ing with an imag­i­na­tive glimpse into what impact the Apple Watch could have on peo­ple’s lives. Enjoy your Sun­day evening reading.

Mega Design ›

Mega Design is a Copen­hagen-based design con­sul­tan­cy. We spe­cial­ize in all gen­res of graph­ic design, from pack­ag­ing, sig­nage and print­ed mate­ri­als to exhi­bi­tions, web­sites and brand identities.

Some excel­lent­ly thought out and exe­cut­ed pieces of design work in the body of work Mega Design have on show. A bril­liant demon­stra­tion in the sub­tleties of typog­ra­phy and the impact they can have.

Quantum of Solace Typography ›

I caught a por­tion of the most recent Bond film, Quan­tum of Solace, the oth­er day. The lit­tle intro shots with the name of place writ­ten in var­i­ous fonts real­ly caught my atten­tion, I liked them and just want­ed to point you all to some­where you could see them.

Are Web Fonts Ready for Prime Time? ›

Excel­lent arti­cle from Pat about the appro­pri­ate­ness of using @font-face to load new fonts on websites.
Being a Mac user it’s easy to for­get not every­one has the same clean ren­der­ing of fonts as I do, and Pat brings a great reminder that I can’t just go with what I see. Essen­tial­ly he rais­es a great point. Just because we can use any font we’d like, does­n’t mean we should.