I'm a Christian, a designer, and a gadget fan who lives in Cheltenham, UK.

This is my blog, a creative outlet to mess around and play with as well as a place that logs my thoughts and inspirations.

Leaving Tumblr

It’s been just under a year since I began tri­alling Tum­blr as the basis of my blog. At the time I was writ­ing from Elec­tric Week­end but had been strug­gling thanks to sev­er­al events that hap­pened at the end of 2009. In an attempt to get back in to the swing of blog­ging I’d decid­ed to make a clean break from my first blog and start again.
For a while I post­ed reg­u­lar­ly but I soon fell in to a trap of con­sum­ing rather than writ­ing. Tum­blr makes it very easy to find new blogs to fol­low, not a bad thing, but I found it all too easy to con­sume rather than cre­ate. How­ev­er, in the last month or so I’ve begun to feel that desire to cre­ate again, to write on a more reg­u­lar basis. Not only that but I want­ed more con­trol, and this is the dri­ving force behind my move back to a Word­Press based site.


One of the things I used to enjoy most about my old site was the abil­i­ty to change things up should I feel they’ve become stale. I could more eas­i­ly try out new fea­tures should I come across some­thing I liked the look of. But it goes beyond this, I want­ed more con­trol of the fun­da­men­tals of the site.
One of the things that has frus­trat­ed me most, not nec­es­sar­i­ly with my site, but with the sites of blog­gers who use Tum­blr, is the poor archives. It’s frus­trat­ed me that I’ve not been able to find a link or an arti­cle on some­one’s site. It’s such a bad expe­ri­ence that I began to think peo­ple, or at least some peo­ple, will have the same trou­ble find­ing things on my site as I’m hav­ing here.
It all boils down to the fact that I’d like to design the over­all expe­ri­ence peo­ple have on my site and the only way I can do that is to move to a self-host­ed platform.


So hav­ing admit­ted I’d like to have more con­trol over my site, here I am using a default theme. Well the answer to that is sim­ple. I want­ed to make the move while I had the desire to write more. I’ve already wast­ed a month know­ing I want­ed to leave Tum­blr, and so rather than wait until I’d got a ful­ly designed blog I decid­ed to make the move now and begin tai­lor­ing my site as I set­tle in to my new surroundings.
But not every­thing is run­ning with­out some cus­tomi­sa­tion. I’ve already begun my design process with the URL’s ((Thanks to a lit­tle inspi­ra­tion from Ian Hines.)) which fea­ture a more friend­ly sen­tence like struc­ture that I hope will grow as I devel­op the site.
You’ll also notice that com­ments are avail­able on this post. Hav­ing not had com­ments on my site for a long time I’ve begun to feel that on cer­tain posts it might be quite nice to try and fos­ter a bit of con­ver­sa­tion, they won’t be on by default but I hope to be able to turn them on from time to time.
I’m also hop­ing to find a way to bring most of the con­tent from my Tum­blr site into this one so that every­thing from PBcom can be archived here. But whilst all this is going on, I now feel I have a web­site where I can start to be myself again. Some­where I’m hope­ful I can get back into the flow of blog­ging reg­u­lar­ly, with a mix­ture of long form arti­cles and links. A place where I’m hap­py to cre­ate is far more impor­tant to me than dis­cov­er­ing even more con­tent. This year I’m hop­ing to use my time more wise­ly, and hope­ful­ly this move is the first step in using my online time in a more pro­duc­tive manner.