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Rethinking Sleep ›

Inter­est­ing read that touch­es the sur­face of the prospect that 8 hours of sleep is best for all of us. I often strug­gle with get­ting enough sleep, as some­one who is nat­u­ral­ly a night owl, find­ing the right pat­tern for work and sleep etc can be chal­leng­ing in todays 9 to 5 culture.

Entitlement ›

Ship­ping some­thing is dif­fi­cult. Ship­ping some­thing is like set­ting a plat­ter of pre­cious glass­ware on the edge of a razor-thin knife. Ship­ping is an action that flirts with risk and failure.

I strug­gled to decide which bit of this excel­lent piece by Aaron to quote, but as some­one who is now self employed this bit struck me the most. I sug­gest you read the whole thing.