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How To Create Motivation For Yourself by Randy Murray ›

And most impor­tant­ly, these peo­ple who want to be writ­ers find that when they sit down, they just can’t get motivated.

This is true of any per­son try­ing to do some­thing out­side of work. Replace writ­ing with design­ing and it could apply to a design­er. Sim­i­lar­ly a painter, or some­one who sketches.
I want to be a great design­er and con­stant­ly have ideas of some­thing to do for my cre­ate, but, sim­i­lar­ly I sit down to do it and can’t get going. Almost like the last thing I want to do when I get home from a day of design­ing at work is do more of it. It’s not always tired­ness or lethar­gy that stops me, some­times it’s pressure.
When you want to do some­thing so strong­ly, when you do find the time to sit down and do it there can be an unde­ni­able pres­sure to make sure that you use that time well. It’s a hid­den pres­sure, one that’s cre­at­ed by you, that often goes unno­ticed. Find­ing a way to remove that pres­sure can mean that the bar­ri­er of moti­va­tion is removed and you are able to just sit down and do.
I guess it’s about man­ag­ing your own expec­ta­tions. Expec­ta­tions of what you pro­duce in the time that you have. If you have the expec­ta­tion of pro­duc­ing some­thing awe­some straight away it won’t hap­pen. Instead hav­ing the expec­ta­tion that you will pro­duce some­thing in that hour, no mat­ter how good it is, can be the first step on the path towards doing what you want.