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The Midori Traveler’s Notebook Review ›

Being a design­er I always appre­ci­ate a good note­book. They’re the places ideas are born, grow, and often die. They play a key role in the cre­ative process, almost becom­ing an exten­sion of my brain. I also enjoy a good jour­nal, the best ones are hand­writ­ten, so a note­book often serves as both, or it works in tan­dem with anoth­er allow­ing for a bit of sep­a­ra­tion. It’s a ten­sion which I often do bat­tle with.
Tools & Toys recent­ly post­ed a review of The Midori Trav­el­er’s Note­book which seems like it might be a good solu­tion to solv­ing that ten­sion. The expand­abil­i­ty of it seems ide­al to pro­vide a place for ideas while design­ing and a place for jour­nal­ing, one over­all note­book with two inter­nal note­books. The util­i­ty seems ide­al, the ques­tion is, could I give up my beloved Baron Fig Con­fi­dant?

The Week In Links

This weeks edi­tion is com­ing to you slight­ly late, no excus­es oth­er than yes­ter­day flew by and I for­got to post it. I’ve tried some­thing a lit­tle dif­fer­ent this week, adding some com­men­tary to a cou­ple of links I real­ly enjoyed and then list­ing some oth­er good reads below them. I’m hop­ing to evolve this series a lit­tle over the sum­mer to inject a bit more of myself into them. Hope you enjoy this weeks edition.

  • THE ALPS by STRAVA — The last week of this year’s Le Tour de France has been through the Alps. This pho­to sto­ry from Stra­va catch­es some of what the Pelo­ton has been through these last few days. Even if you’re not a cycling fan these pho­tos are worth view­ing. The moun­tains are stun­ning­ly beau­ti­ful, I could sit and look at them all day and I loved vis­it­ing the Alps the three times I’ve been skiing.
  • Don’t Let Suc­cess Breed Fail­ure — Shawn Blanc — The sec­ond half of this arti­cle from Shawn res­onat­ed with me and is why I’ve includ­ed it in this weeks edi­tion. As a self employed per­son I spend a lot of time think­ing about this kind of thing, espe­cial­ly after events ear­li­er this year. It’s so tempt­ing to con­tin­u­al­ly say yes to every­thing, but it’s not pos­si­ble to do it all. It takes a laser focus and dis­ci­pline to make sure that work­loads and pri­or­i­ties remain manageable.

Other links of interest

River Path Grass from Baron Fig ›

My favourite note­book cre­ators have just realised anoth­er lim­it­ed edi­tion of their Appren­tice note books. The Riv­er Path Grass edi­tion has just been announced ad it looks just as nice as the pre­vi­ous edi­tions. I own all three of the pre­vi­ous lim­it­ed edi­tion appren­tices and use one every­day (more soon) and they are becom­ing indis­pens­able to me.

The Week In Links

This weeks edi­tion has only four links, but they are packed with inter­est. There’s a short post to get that start­ed that will of par­tic­u­lar inter­est to those who run their own busi­ness, fol­lowed by a series of posts giv­ing a few details into the behind the scenes of start­ing a new com­pa­ny (they make my favourite note­books). Fol­low­ing my trend in recent weeks of look­ing into note­books, there’s a review of the lat­est Field Notes colours edi­tion, and then an in-depth arti­cle into the begin­nings of the Apple Watch.
Sit back with a cof­fee and enjoy.

Field Notes Memo Archive ›

Field Notes announced the arrival of their Spring 2012 “Nation­al Crop Edi­tion” memo books. I love Field Notes, there’s usu­al­ly one on or near my person.
The pas­sion in this video is why I like these items so much. The excite­ment in find­ing the memo book Aaron is talk­ing about is bril­liant, I love it, and the atten­tion he pays towards them is mir­rored in Field Notes.
If you don’t want to watch a video about old memo books, just load that page to look at all the cov­ers of the on display.