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One month with Android ›

Ryan Heise has been using Android over his iPhone for the last month or so. His conclusion:

Google wants to rein­vent the wheel that Apple cre­at­ed with iOS, but it’s a wheel that they’re bet­ter off to copy all the way, rather than make a fac­sim­i­le and take out a few big chunks.

There’s a few inter­est­ing points in this arti­cle that seem to con­firm one thing. Apple thinks about how to make some­thing and pol­ish the crap out of it. Google thinks about how to make some­thing quick­ly and then move on to the next thing.
(Via Shawn Blanc.)

Windows Phone Mango Demo on YouTube ›

Inter­est­ing video about the lat­est release of Win­dows Phone 7, aka Man­go. I’m quite intrigued by the inter­face of Win­dows Phone and some of the inte­gra­tion with mes­sag­ing net­works seems inter­est­ing, although I’m skep­ti­cal how it might work in real life.
I’m actu­al­ly pleased to see Microsoft step­ping up a lit­tle with some new ideas and inter­faces. Com­pe­ti­tion is good, I just hope that this and WebOS can gain a lit­tle trac­tion in the next few months.

Can Leo Apotheker make Hewlett Packard a cool company? ›

Inter­est­ing inter­view with Hewlett Packards CEO Leo Apothek­er which includes this lit­tle nugget.

“HP will stop mak­ing announce­ments for stuff it does­n’t have. When HP makes announce­ments, it will be get­ting ready to ship,” he promis­es, say­ing the prod­ucts launched on 9 Feb­ru­ary will be on sale just a few weeks later.

So how come every­thing launched today isn’t avail­able til the summer?