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The Midori Traveler’s Notebook Review ›

Being a design­er I always appre­ci­ate a good note­book. They’re the places ideas are born, grow, and often die. They play a key role in the cre­ative process, almost becom­ing an exten­sion of my brain. I also enjoy a good jour­nal, the best ones are hand­writ­ten, so a note­book often serves as both, or it works in tan­dem with anoth­er allow­ing for a bit of sep­a­ra­tion. It’s a ten­sion which I often do bat­tle with.
Tools & Toys recent­ly post­ed a review of The Midori Trav­el­er’s Note­book which seems like it might be a good solu­tion to solv­ing that ten­sion. The expand­abil­i­ty of it seems ide­al to pro­vide a place for ideas while design­ing and a place for jour­nal­ing, one over­all note­book with two inter­nal note­books. The util­i­ty seems ide­al, the ques­tion is, could I give up my beloved Baron Fig Con­fi­dant?