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How Apple Saved My Life ›

If you do only one thing on the inter­net today, please watch this video by James Rath. In a world where so often tech­nol­o­gy can make us feel dis­con­nect­ed and absent from those around us, it’s impor­tant to see things from the oth­er end some­thing. In the case of James Rath it’s incred­i­ble to see how much tech­nol­o­gy has influ­enced his life in such a pos­i­tive way.

This morn­ing I gave some­thing a try for the first time. I left my Mac­Book Pro at home and took my iPad and Blue­tooth key­board out to do a bit of work. Since the release of iOS 9 last Sep­tem­ber I’ve heard many peo­ple talk­ing about it has enabled them to use their iPad to do a lot of work. Being a design­er I just pushed them aside, no soft­ware is able to pro­duce art­work to the that the Cre­ative Cloud apps can on my Mac, and so I just marked it as not yet for me. I have noticed recent­ly that I’ve been nat­u­ral­ly reach­ing for my iPad to do cer­tain bits of work, large­ly emails and admin. I decid­ed it was time to give it a try. Inter­est­ing­ly I’ve real­ly enjoyed it and I think with a lit­tle think­ing through, I could switch some of my web site main­te­nance tasks to the iPad.

Ulysses 2.5 for iPad and, Now, iPhone Review ›

A glow­ing review which I could­n’t agree with more. Ever since I down­loaded it for my iPad I’ve been using the app, now it’s on my iPhone as well every­thing I write for this site goes through the app. Paired with the Mac app, it’s great for writ­ing ser­mons in as well.

Working on the iPad, one year on

An exten­sive par­ti­cle from Vitic­ci of Mac­Sto­ries about work­ing on the iPad. I can speak from expe­ri­ence as well. I upgrad­ed my iPad 2 to an iPad Air 2 in Novem­ber last year and its becom­ing my go to device for any com­put­ing oth­er than the design work I need to use my Mac for.

I’m Done with MacBooks ›

When I read this post from Khoi Vinh I found myself nod­ding along in agree­ment. This part in par­tic­u­lar struck a chord,

When I think about where I’m most pro­duc­tive with OS X, it’s always at my desk, where I have a huge mon­i­tor (on my iMac, at home) or even two Cin­e­ma Dis­plays (at work) 

I upgrad­ed my Mac near­ly a year ago and had a long debate about whether to get an iMac or a Mac­Book Pro. The iMac was appeal­ing for so many rea­sons, but I could­n’t quite bring myself to give up the flex­i­bil­i­ty my Mac­Book offers. How­ev­er there’s no deny­ing that I’m most pro­duc­tive at my desk with a larg­er screen, and since upgrad­ing my iPad 2 to an iPad Air 2 I’m using that for more work leav­ing me more focused when I’m on my Mac as well.
In the future I can cer­tain­ly see myself mov­ing to an iMac over the Mac­Book Pro and maybe, if bud­get affords it, and iPad Pro. Espe­cial­ly as it’s capa­bil­i­ties grow and allow for more and more work to be accom­plished on it.

Why iOS is Compelling ›

Inter­est­ing com­ments from Ben Brooks on Why iOS is com­pelling. Since iOS 9 the iPad has become so capa­ble I now do all my non-design work on it. It’s also the first com­put­er I rec­om­mend to peo­ple when they ask me what’s worth con­sid­er­ing these days. I think for most peo­ple it’s a case of con­quer­ing the fear of some­thing being dif­fer­ent that’s the biggest stum­bling block.

Doing Real Design Work on an iPad ›

Khoi Vinh on using the iPad to do real design work. I agree with much of what he says, I’m imcreas­ing­ly using the iPad in my design work these days, but I do wish the Adobe apps were more capa­ble and able to pro­duce more ful­ly fin­ished files that I would be com­fort­able proof­ing to a client.

The Week in Links

Anoth­er Sun­day and anoth­er edi­tion of The Week in Links. This weeks fea­tured links focus large­ly on the iPad and it’s abil­i­ty to be used for work and not just for con­sump­tion. It’s a debate that has been rag­ing for years, and one which we seem to be no clos­er to end­ing, although we might be a step clos­er once iOS 9 arrives in September.
I hope you’re enjoy­ing your Sun­day, sit back with a cof­fee and have a read.

  • Cross­ing the iPad Rubi­con — 500ish Words — I love the idea of work­ing sole­ly on an iPad, along with many oth­ers, and the con­stant dis­cus­sion of whether it can actu­al­ly be done is inter­est­ing. But every time I read an arti­cle like this one, I can stop but come away feel­ing like the whole thing is just a roman­tic notion. That’s not to say that no one can sole­ly work on an iPad, but I know I won’t ever be able too. My work requires a Mac, with pro­fes­sion­al soft­ware in the form of Cre­ative Cloud. That said, if I had an office job of some kind, and only used a com­put­er at home for the likes of email and writ­ing for this site, then I’m pret­ty sure I could go all in right now.
  • The Tools & Toys Guide to Writ­ing with an iPad — Tools and Toys — It seems to be a bit of a theme this week, the top­ic of work­ing on an iPad. This is a real­ly good guide for those look­ing to find out where to begin using their iPad as a more seri­ous work tool by doing some writ­ing on it. Per­son­al­ly I’m a Byword fan and use it on all my com­put­ing devices that I use to pub­lish to this site.

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