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The Bulletin Board ›

I’ve been read­ing Austin Kleon’s blog since Jan­u­ary, I find the way that he speaks about his note­books and how he uses them very inspir­ing. Today’s post is about his bul­letin board and how he pins images, clip­pings, index cards, and var­i­ous oth­er bits to it for inspi­ra­tion while he is writ­ing a book.
The ana­log nature of lots of things that Austin does has real­ly caught my atten­tion. I love tech­nol­o­gy, but as a design­er I also love objects and paper. When I was a stu­dent I cov­ered the wall of my room in halls with bits of graph­ics that I liked. The whole thing turned into one giant col­lage of inspi­ra­tion. That’s some­thing I would like to get back into my cre­ative life, some­thing tac­tile and away from a glow­ing rectangle.

Founding Baron Fig ›

I’ve linked to the series that’s being writ­ten on Medi­um of the found­ing of Baron Fig in the past, but they’ve recent­ly been pub­lish­ing new parts of the series. As ever it’s a good glimpse into the life of a new start­up and the prob­lems they’ve faced. The guys at Baron Fig con­tin­ue to inspire me.

The Week in Lnks

It’s been a buy and stress­ful week since the last edi­tion of The Week in Links, but that’s why we call it work. It’s not always fluffy clouds and bright sun­shine, even for those of us for­tu­nate enough to be doing what we love for a living.
Despite all that, I have enjoyed quite a bit of read­ing this week. Once again I’ve high­light­ed a cou­ple of arti­cles which I real­ly con­nect­ed with. One from Shawn Blanc about work and one about work­ing for your­self… prob­a­bly not a coin­ci­dence after read­ing that first paragraph.
So sit back and enjoy this weeks edi­tion along­side your Sun­day coffee.

  • Con­cern­ing the Ebb and Flow of “Work” by Shawn Blanc — This is someti­h­ng I’m learn­ing about myself at the moment. Even before I was self-eployed my ten­den­cy was to do things all the time, I used to give my hol­i­days to go and do a bible hol­i­day club for two weeks every sum­mer. It was dif­fer­ent but incred­i­bly tir­ing and it caught up with me. Now I’m self-employed forc­ing myself to rest is hard, in fact it hit me last week­end. I need to be away from home to rest and shut out my work, oth­er­wise I and my work suffer.
  • Mas­ter work­ing for your­self with­out crush­ing your soul — Dis­patch­es from Paul Jarvis — Real­ly inter­est­ing insights and thoughts on the areas on which to focus if you’re a free­lancer. Focus upon what you want to do, talk about it lots and don’t be afraid of say­ing no. That final bit can be the hard­est of all.

The Best of the Rest

Colossus by Pat Vale ›

I was going to save this for Sunday’s edi­tion of The Week in Links, but I thought it was far too cool for that and deserved it’s own post. Line draw­ing has always been some­thing I enjoyed, and Colos­sus by Pat Vale is a stun­ning exam­ple. Spend a few min­utes of your time watch­ing it this evening, be inspired.

Backyard Apartments ›

Anoth­er won­der­ful­ly exe­cut­ed piece of design that I stum­bled across this morn­ing. As some­one who used to do lots of work for hous­ing devel­op­ments see­ing some­thing a lit­tle more unusu­al in both style and exe­cu­tion is very refreshing.

Interview with Marco Arment ›

This is a great insight into the cre­ator of Instapa­per one of my favourite apps on the iPad and the rea­son it does what it does so ele­gant­ly. Mar­co cre­at­ed it for a need he had and it’s an app he uses every­day, it’s not been made for the users, it’s been made for him­self. If Mar­co is any­thing like me, his worst and most impor­tant cirit­ic is him­self. Sat­is­fy­ing that crit­ic is the only way to cre­ate some­thing tru­ly great, which is just what he’s doing.

Work Less on Think Vitamin ›

More on the four day work week from Car­son­i­fied.

If you work every week like you were going on hol­i­day on the Fri­day then you can get all of your work done in four days rather than five. It takes con­cen­tra­tion, ded­i­ca­tion and a zero tol­er­ance approach to dis­trac­tions. The reward is an extra 52 days off a year. Is that worth it to you?

I can’t explain how intrigued I am by the notion of being adapt­able to get the most out of your employ­ees as well as being more inter­est­ed in enrich­ing heir lives.
(Via Can’t remem­ber. I’ll update when I remem­ber.)