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“So I pro­pose we for­get the phrase “just do what you love” because it’s exhaust­ing and mis­lead­ing. We need less instant grat­i­fi­ca­tion and more patience in our practice” 

I could­n’t help but iden­ti­fy with these final few words from Kyle Steed. Soci­ety today is so des­per­ate to do just the things we love and to get there in the short­est pos­si­ble way that it for­gets the val­ue in hav­ing to do things we don’t want to do, but that we need to do. It sets so many peo­ple up for mas­sive falls as they make big leaps to begin doing things that they’re not yet ready to do. There’s too much I want it now and not enough will­ing­ness to work and explore and grow into what­ev­er that it is.

I think I would be more approv­ing if some­one told me that I’m “devel­op­ing as a pho­tog­ra­ph­er” as oppose to stat­ing that I’m tal­ent­ed because that would at least take into account the fact that I’m “devel­op­ing” as a result of all the work that I do on my end but that you rarely see or hear about.
Jorge Quin­teros on The Top­ic of Talent.

The Topic of Talent