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Establishing New Habits Without Apps ›

I’ve been try­ing to estab­lish some new habits lately so this was a timely post from CJ Chil­vers. I’ve been using the app Streaks like he men­tions to keep focused on some of my habits, but there is a cer­tain lack of account­ab­il­ity that goes with it. When a big streak gets broken it’s very hard to find the energy to start again.

One thing I’ve found a bit easi­er to face when starting—or restarting—a pro­ject is to break it down to months. Define the goal, decide to begin it at the start of the next month, and then make sure you’re ready to go in the time in between. The space allows you to pro­cess what you’re aim­ing to accom­plish, and allows you the time you need to make sure you’re ready to get going.

Habits of Grace

After my posts and think­ing about dis­cip­line last week, on Sunday I decided to order Habits of Grace by Dav­id Math­is. It arrived yes­ter­day and the study guide that goes with it is set to arrive either tomor­row or Friday.
It’s a book that’s been on my radar for a while both for it’s sub­ject mat­ter, and if I’m being hon­est, it’s design. I’ve res­isted buy­ing it in the past because I’m aware I already have a large pile of books to I’ve yet to read, but hav­ing spent some time in pray­er, read­ing, and think­ing around this sub­ject I decided it was time to get my fin­ger out and order it.
I’m look­ing for­ward to diving in over the next month, all to often it’s easy to start grind­ing things like dis­cip­line in terms of hob­bies and pas­sions. As a Chris­ti­an ground­ing the desire for dis­cip­line and self con­trol in God and my faith is of far great­er import­ance. Doing that is far easi­er to say than it is to do, and so I’m hop­ing that this book, along with build­ing momentum by writ­ing here on my blog will help that muscle of dis­cip­line grow into more areas of my life.