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Workloads and Creativity

I’ve noticed over the last few weeks a dis­tinct cor­re­la­tion between my abil­i­ty to spend time on side projects and the amount of design work I have going on. Jug­gling a part time job in the Cof­fee House along­side run­ning my design busi­ness makes for a dis­tinct lack of ener­gy to keep my side/personal projects going when things get busy. I find my moti­va­tion drops as my ener­gy gets used up jug­gling the two, and it’s a source of dis­ap­point­ment since I know the impor­tance of doing my own cre­ative things on the side.
It seems to be a mat­ter of mar­gin or focus, I’m yet to work out which, but my gut (which is usu­al­ly right) tells my it’s about focus. When I become invest­ed in a project it dom­i­nates my mind. It becomes what I think about when I’m not real­ly think­ing and I’ve cer­tain­ly become aware that this is what has been hap­pen­ing of late. It’s the rea­son I’ve start­ed yet anoth­er side project that will oper­ate on a sched­ule and is on a top­ic com­plete­ly unre­lat­ed to any of my oth­er side projects.
Whilst hav­ing a project sit at the top of my mind is help­ful for work, it’s not always help­ful for me men­tal­ly. I need to be able to cre­ate things just for the sake of cre­at­ing them. It brings me a joy and sat­is­fac­tion that cre­at­ing for a client doesn’t always bring. Eric Lid­dell once said

I believe God made me for a pur­pose, but he also made me fast! And when I run I feel his pleasure. 

I’ve nev­er thought about it in that way but I can cer­tain­ly relate to it. Like Lid­dell I believe God made me for a pur­pose, but I know He also gave me a gift of cre­ativ­i­ty and a pas­sion for design. When I use my gift, espe­cial­ly just for the sake of it and not just for my work, I feel His pleasure.
God cre­at­ed the world because he want­ed to, because it gave him sat­is­fac­tion and joy to do it (Gen­e­sis 1 v 31). He enjoyed walk­ing in his cre­ation and meet­ing with the peo­ple he cre­at­ed, which we learn from Gen­e­sis 3 v 9 when God goes look­ing for Adam & Eve. When I cre­ate some­thing because I want to, I feel God’s plea­sure because in some way I am mir­ror­ing Him and that is an incred­i­ble thing.
My God is the God of cre­ation and He has giv­en me the gift of cre­ativ­i­ty. When I use that gift to cre­ate I feel His plea­sure and that’s why I need to firm my resolve to cre­ate for the sake of cre­at­ing some­thing because I want to cre­ate it.


For the last few years I’ve been pray­ing about some­thing. I’m sure many of you have as well, but this par­tic­u­lar thing has occu­pied my prayers for sev­er­al years. I’ve been pray­ing about it in the same way for pret­ty much the entire time, ask­ing for guid­ance and direc­tion in rela­tion to the thing. Dur­ing that time the urge to do that thing has grown. One could say its devel­oped into some­thing close to a per­ma­nent long­ing, some­thing that left me unset­tled because I’m not doing it and I’ve nev­er real­ly known why.
A recent con­ver­sa­tion with a very good friend left me feel­ing chal­lenged. He asked me a ques­tion and laughed at my response because it’s been the same response I’ve giv­en him for the last few years.
My response of course was to ques­tion why he was laugh­ing at me, I guess feel­ing like he was­n’t tak­ing me seri­ous. His response was one which caught me off guard. Instead of answer­ing why he was laugh­ing, he sim­ply asked me how I had been pray­ing about this thing. I told him and after a moments pause he respond­ed with a chal­lenge. Why don’t you pray about it in a dif­fer­ent way?
He com­ment­ed how that as I have been pray­ing for guid­ance this thing had grown in to a pas­sion and long­ing, that is to say some­thing more than momen­tary desire, then maybe I’d had that guid­ance and it was time to chal­lenge it.
So for the last month I’ve been pray­ing more earnest­ly and in a dif­fer­ent man­ner. Instead of request­ing guid­ance about the thing, I’ve been pray­ing: Lord, I think you want me to do this, please show me if I’m wrong.
The results have been breath tak­ing, sur­pris­ing and excit­ing all at once. A change of events has begun that, I believe, God is using to lead me into doing this thing I’ve been pray­ing about for the last few years. I’m a lit­tle appre­hen­sive, but the over rid­ing feel­ing is one of excite­ment. This post is not an announce­ment, yet, but maybe more of a watch this space…

That—in spite of every­thing, no mat­ter what, what­ev­er it cost him—God won’t ever stop lov­ing his chil­dren … with a won­der­ful, Nev­er Stop­ping, Nev­er Giv­ing Up, Unbreak­ing, Always and For­ev­er Love.

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