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Any­one in need of a good playlist to work to, espe­cial­ly if you’re design­ing or cod­ing, I’ve been real­ly enjoy­ing this crack­er on Apple Music today.

Bonobo — The North Borders ›

This year, thanks to the new cof­fee house I work in part time, I’ve been lis­ten­ing to a lot of Bonobo’s music. I’d come across his music a few years ago, but for some rea­son nev­er real­ly lis­tened much. Any­way, I’ve been enjoy­ing it so much I thought it only right to share a link to his fifth stu­dio album The North Bor­ders. If you like melod­ic, lay­ered, elec­tron­ic music give it a lis­ten.

All Things New ›

Over the week­end and through the start of this week I’ve been enjoy­ing the album All Things New by Rivers & Robots. If you’re a Chris­t­ian and enjoy folksy music with a slight­ly dif­fer­ent feel to it than your nor­mal Chris­t­ian music I sug­gest you give it a lis­ten.

The Martian Soundtrack ›

I’m a fan of the book, real­ly enjoyed the film and the sound­track is pret­ty darn awe­some as well. I’ve spent the evening work­ing with it in the back­ground and it com­plete­ly sucked me into my work. It’s been a long time since I found a sound­track that did that.

Reanimation by Lights & Motion

I don’t post about the music I lis­ten to very often, in fact nev­er would be clos­er to the mark, but I’ve recent­ly thanks to the won­ders of Rdio dis­cov­ered this album. It’s a large­ly instru­men­tal piece which suits me while I’m work­ing. This week­end a friend of mine point­ed out that it bares some sim­i­lar­i­ties to Cold­play with out the words, prob­a­bly explains why it’s been on my stereo con­stant­ly for the last few days then.

Coldplay Violet Hill ›

Cold­play, one of my favourite bands have just begun the launch of their new album. The first sin­gle was aired today and is avail­able for free down­load for the next week, I sug­gest you go get it.
My first impres­sions after a few lis­tens are good. I like it and it seems a nat­ur­al pro­gres­sion from the sound on X&Y, look­ing for­ward to the rest of the album which is released on June 17th.

The Last Shadow Puppets — The Age Of The Understatement ›

The Last Shad­ow Pup­pets and The Age Of The Under­state­ment

‘The Age Of The Under­state­ment’ is a wide-screen, bold and bril­liant intro­duc­tion to the band. The Last Shad­ow Pup­pets are Alex Turn­er (from Arc­tic Mon­keys) and Miles Kane (from The Ras­cals).

I heard this track a cou­ple of months ago, and final­ly today tracked it down. I’m a big fan of the Arc­tic Mon­keys and this is a great com­pli­ment to the work Alex Turn­er has done with them. Look­ing for­ward to the album of the same name in a cou­ple of weeks.

R.I.P. PhilPod

On my birth­day and the few days after, you may have seen me talk­ing about the death of my iPod, oth­er­wise known as Phil­Pod. I think the HDD in it has failed, when I plug it into my Mac it whirrs, pops and clicks and does­n’t reg­is­ter at all in iTunes. On the day in ques­tion two or three times the unhap­py Mac appeared on the screen and I knew that was it. My iPod had died after three years of pro­vid­ing me with music on the go it is no more.
It did leave it’s mark, and me in a bit of dis­tress for an hour or so. No not because it was gone, although it was sad, but because on it’s way it crip­pled my iTunes Library. In a vain attempt to bring Phil­Pod back to life, I plugged it into my iMac to try to reset it one last time. I was greet­ed with that same whirring and pop­ping as well as the usu­al do not dis­con­nect mes­sage on screen. How­ev­er it did not reg­is­ter on my iMac or in iTunes and after half an hour I decid­ed it was time to pull the plug. iTunes con­tin­ued play­ing and all seemed well, uni­til I want­ed to change the album I was lis­ten­ing to. iTunes was­n’t respond­ing. No big­gie, time to force quit. Big­gie. iTunes process quit, but the iTunes icon did­n’t. There it sat in the dock going no where. The end result after a log out and a launch of iTunes. My iTunes Library had been locked. For­tu­nate­ly, it’s all fixed (post on how to come!) and no data was lost.
So what next? Well as my iPod died on my birth­day, I thought it fit­ting to use the mon­ey I got as gifts towards a replace­ment. After some thought this morn­ing I plumped for a black 3G iPod nano (8GB) from Ama­zon. It’s only cost me £109 plus postage thanks to an Ama­zon vouch­er, which is a heck of a lot cheap­er than Apple. I’m not both­ered by the loss in capac­i­ty, as by the end my iTunes Library would­n’t fit on my 20GB Phil­Pod, so this will only serve to make me more selec­tive in what music to car­ry with me. I’m look­ing for­ward to small­ness and the pos­si­bil­i­ty of Nike Plus in the future.
To fin­ish. RIP Phil­Pod.