I'm a Christian, a designer, and a gadget fan who lives in Cheltenham, UK.

This is my blog, a creative outlet to mess around and play with as well as a place that logs my thoughts and inspirations.

Any­one know of a mouse that can be paired with both a Mac and an iPad? I’m in need of a new mouse, my wrist is begin­ning to suf­fer after years of using a Magic Mouse and I want one that works with both my Mac for work and iPad for per­son­al stuff. I’ve my eye on the MX3 but I can’t tell if it can pair with both devices…

Look­ing to sim­pli­fy all my web­sites. Since I’m no longer freel­an­cing and don’t need a port­fo­lio online at the moment, I’m think­ing to move away to some­thing light­er than Word­Press. Trouble is I don’t know what. I don’t want to main­tain everything oth­er than the design and want to reduce costs.

Star­ted play­ing around with Notion a bit today. I’ve heard so many people talk­ing about it I figured it was time to give it a go. Not quite sure where it fits yet. Ini­tially I’ve set up a Watch List using one of their exist­ing tem­plates and a Weekly Review tem­plate to try and get in the habit of that.

I’m try­ing to find some exer­cise that I can do eas­ily and slowly build up in to a habit. It occurred to me last night I could prob­ably find some free Pil­ates videos on You­Tube to try. A small searched revealed some begin­ner videos for men, so giv­en one of those a try this morning.

It’s now been a week since I ran out of cof­fee beans. More are on the way, but I miss the morn­ing ritu­al of brew­ing myself a coffee.

Work has star­ted a steps chal­lenge, made me actu­ally get out the house and be act­ive. Took this at the mid point of my walk.

Been play­ing around with the iPad and my old Apple Track­pad. It’s kinda cool, makes we want to get the Magic Track­pad 2 so I can truly nav­ig­ate iPa­dOS while it’s con­nec­ted to my big screen. I also hope that iPa­dOS 14 brings bet­ter extern­al dis­play support.

Clapped for the NHS at 8. For the doc­tors, nurses, para­med­ics, coun­sel­lors, and carers. Out­side of CV-19 I’ve nev­er been more thank­ful for our health sys­tem and the work that they do than I am right now.

Fun even­ing doing a quiz with the team from work via video con­fer­en­cing. Worked really well, had a lot of laughs. I find Wed­nes­day to be the hard­est of the week for some reas­on, so this was good medicine.