Here you'll find an archive all my blog posts. I'm gradually moving content over from my Wordpress powered blog so things may be a little incomplete for a while.

World Elephant Day Is Today

Welcome to version 8 of my blog

A tool for thinking

Yom HaShoah

The notes app quest continues

Write sentences, what I’m thinking, because I want too

Searching for the perfect notes app

Tweaking my morning routine


Micro blogging again

Lockdown 3

My book of the year 2020

Domain conundrums

Grey day


Roaming around

An acknowledgement

Two States of Perfection

The Blogging Habit

The Bulletin Board

Establishing New Habits Without Apps

My Secret Battle – a Grief Shared

Quantity not quality

Book Budget

Write More

Thoughts On Just Turning Up

Thoughts as Nest Eggs

A Home Screen Update

A mid-year review

Workloads and Creativity

Haptic Architects Teach the Benefits of the Scandinavian Work Life Balance


Employment vs. Self-Employment

Seth Godin Blog Daily

Deep Prayer > Deep Work

The Dedication Olympics

Finding Your Bliss Station

Depression Days

The Desire to Tinker

My Blogroll in 2016


Kill Your To Do List

You’re Not Meant To Do What You Love. You’re Meant To Do What You’re Good At.

What Do You Write About?

The 2016 Blogging Challenge

One Twelfth

Holocaust Rememberence Day

Just Hit Command-N

Let me make a note of that


Be Yourself




Rediscovering the Personal Site

Thirty Things I've Learned in Thirty Years

Fresh Start

Resolutions and Intentions

Do you like to shave?

The One Where I Announce I'm Now Self Employed


I Miss My Cave

Reading Stories, Food for the Imagination

Wecloming 2012 and Setting a Few Targets

In Search Of Flow

My First Conference (Part Two)

My First Conference (Part One)

Leaving Tumblr

Introducing PBcom

Summer 2009

Experiencing A Fever


The Talent Crutch

Two Mac Nightmare - Email & Contacts

The Two Mac Nightmare – Calendars

The Two Mac Nightmare – Synchronisation