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Tweaking my morning routine

There’s noth­ing quite like writ­ing down the routine you’ve found your­self fall­ing into to make you real­ise there are somethings you’d like to change. When I pos­ted about my routine the oth­er week it made me more con­scious of what I’ve been doing in the morn­ing so I star­ted to pay more atten­tion to what I was doing last week.

Through the course of the week, I real­ised I was spend­ing a bit too much time in bed bum­bling on the inter­net at the start of the day and then rush­ing through some oth­er things that are more valu­able. Last week I decided to try some­thing out. I left my phone alarm to go off as it always does, then I set my little alarm clock to go off at 07:15 in the hope that its blar­ing sound would be enough to pull me out of my snooz­ing habit.

With the alarm wak­ing me more thor­oughly I found I was nat­ur­ally ready to get out of bed a bit earli­er. The one prob­lem was that I was still slip­ping into my habit of lying in bed for longer than I needed to. So this week I added a new part to my wake-up.

Using my habit app of choice Streaks I added a new task with a timed alert for 07:30 to get out of bed at that time. So far it’s been work­ing. I’ve been out of bed at that time every day this week and showered, dressed, and in my chair by 08:00. It’s giv­en me anoth­er 20 minutes of space in the morn­ing to spend a bit longer on my quiet time and even start writ­ing some blog posts like this one. The big test will be next week, it’s one thing to keep doing some­thing the week you start it, it’s anoth­er pick­ing it up and car­ry­ing on for a second or third week.

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