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On my lunch break today as I sat read­ing some RSS feeds, I came across a Daily Blog­ging Chal­lenge that star­ted on the first of March. As I clicked through to the organ­ising site to find out more I dis­covered that each day they are shar­ing a prompt word that every­one tak­ing part should use to kick­start their post for the day. I’m not going to com­mit to tak­ing part every­day, but I liked the prompt from 1st March, routine.

Routines have always been a bit of a com­fort to me, mostly they just hap­pen and I real­ise that I’ve settled in to one without con­sid­er­ing what I’m doing. My morn­ing routine for example is one that I’ve real­ised I’ve settled in to without really considering.

I wake up with my alarm around 07:00 and spend the next 45 minutes or so wak­ing up. That involves a bit of snooz­ing, a bit of morn­ing mes­saging, and a bit of bum­bling around on the inter­net. Then I get out of bed and head towards the shower.

I’m usu­ally dressed and ready to start my day by around 08:20. The next step is a glass of juice and my meds, fol­lowed by a sit down in my chair and a bit of time to have a quiet time with whatever read­ing plan I’m using in the Youver­sion app at the moment.

Around 08:40 I’ll turn on my Mac and head to the kit­chen to make cof­fee and sort out some food for myself before I settle at my desk to con­trive the days business.

I did­n’t real­ise this was a routine I’d fallen in to until I came across Pablo Picas­so’s daily sched­ule and it star­ted me on path look­ing in to the routines of oth­er fam­ous cre­at­ors, some­thing I’ll be look­ing into and shar­ing here.

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