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Lockdown 3

We have been in Lock­down 3 for a few weeks now as Covid-19 con­tin­ues to spread through the pop­u­la­tion. The gov­ern­ment issued stay at home notices again, but this time peo­ple don’t seem to be fol­low­ing things quite as closely.

It’s both frus­trat­ing and annoy­ing see­ing so many peo­ple still meet­ing up with friends, even trav­el­ling across cities to meet in the park for birth­days. Every­one it seems is able to find a way of exempt­ing them­selves from the rules.

I’ve decid­ed to approach this lock­down dif­fer­ent­ly as well. Maybe because it’s also a new year, I’m not sure. I’m try­ing to eat more health­ily, snack less, and exer­cise more.

The nations favourite–or maybe least favourite judg­ing by some of social media–PE teacher Joe Wicks, has been doing his live work­outs again. This has been my work­out of choice so far, I’ve not been doing it live as it’s at an incon­ve­nient time for work, but I’ve been doing the record­ed ver­sions at a lat­er time. I’m 6 for 6 so far, and I’d nev­er thought I’d say this about HIIT work­outs, but I’m actu­al­ly enjoy­ing them. Although not the ache or stiff­ness in my legs after.

I’ve also been tak­ing more time to read this time. In the first lock­down I couldn’t con­cen­trate on a book, I wasn’t able to focus for more than a cou­ple of min­utes and would find myself reread­ing sen­tences over and over. This time how­ev­er has been dif­fer­ent. I’m find­ing that famil­iar refuge in fic­tion again. Get­ting lost in anoth­er world that exists only in my imag­i­na­tion and one that doesn’t have the anx­i­ety that comes with the world we live in right now.

I’ve also been watch­ing the last sea­son of Por­trait Artist of the Year. It’s one of the few “real­i­ty” tv shows I enjoy. Pre­vi­ous series have always made me feel inspired, but this time around it seems to be more so. I’ve even sort­ed out all my old art mate­ri­als with the aim of find­ing some time to pick up a brush. We will see what hap­pens there.

As I fin­ish writ­ing this the sun is com­ing out. The cov­er­ing of snow I woke up too this morn­ing is still there, but I fear it may not last long. Time to dig out the wellies and go for a walk.

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