Write sentences, what I’m thinking, because I want too

Tonight I came across two blog posts in Reeder as I was lying in bed catching up on my feeds and watching the Formula One. The first was all about writing. The author coined a phrase that is very reminiscent of Michael Pollan’s approach to food.

Write sentences, not too many, mostly active.

It riffs nicely off

Eat food, not too much, mostly plants

Something which I’m trying to stick too but not very good at. It might have connected with me because it’s familiar, but I think it goes a bit deeper than that. I’ve been trying to write more lately. I want to post a lot more regularly than I do, but often feel that I’m not contributing enough to warrant a post.

The second seemed to know what I am thinking and hit me between the eyes.

Just blog, if that’s all you want to do.

This weekend I downloaded and installed Ghost on my Mac. I’ve been looking at moving away from Wordpress for a while and finally took the time to look into one of the alternatives. But really it’s just a distraction. I have a fully functional blog here. I’d like to change the design of it, but I don’t need too. If I want to blog more, I should do it. So I’m going to try and write sentences about what I’m thinking, because I want too. That seems to be a good way of looking at things. I will still slowly work on a new design for this place, but I’m going to do my utmost to make sure that it doesn’t stop me from posting more.