Tweaking my morning routine

There’s nothing quite like writing down the routine you’ve found yourself falling into to make you realise there’s somethings you’d like to change. When I posted about my routine the other week it made me more conscious of what I’ve been doing in the morning so I started to pay more attention to what I was doing last week.

Through the course of the week I realised I was spending a bit too much time in bed bumbling on the internet at the start of the day and then rushing through some other things that are more valuable. Last week I decided to try something out. I left my phone alarm to go off as it always does, then I set my little alarm clock to go off at 07:15 in the hope that it’s blaring sound would be enough to pull me out of my snoozing habit.

With the alarm waking me more thoroughly I found I was naturally ready to get out of bed a bit earlier. The one problem was that I was still slipping into my habit of lying in bed for longer than I needed too. So this week I added a new part to my wake up.

Using my habit app of choice Streaks I added a new task with a timed alert for 07:30 to get out of bed at that time. So far it’s been working. I’ve been out of bed at that time everyday this week and showered, dressed, and in my chair by 08:00. It’s given me another 20 minutes of space in the morning to spend a bit longer on my quiet time and even start writing some blog posts like this one. The big test will be next week, it’s one thing to keep doing something the week you start it, it’s another picking it up and carrying on for a second or third week.