Domain conundrums

Over the years I’ve amassed a number of domains for various websites I’ve wanted to create. A few of those are related to my former freelance business, and two relates to blogs. This week I got a notification that 3 of them are up for renewal in January, it’s left me questioning if should renew them all or if it’s time to let some go.

I have the domain for this blog,, which I will definitely renew. I have, which I used briefly for this site, and I have, which is what I used for the last couple of years of working for myself.

Since I started working as part of an in-house UX team, I’ve been intending to consolidate my portfolio into my personal site. One domain for both places. What I hadn’t thought of was how to handle the domains. A redirect seems to make the most sense, but the cost of renewing them is much higher than I expected it to be. Letting go of domain names is something that I don’t like doing and I’m trying to work out the impact of doing that. It’s a tricky conundrum.