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Write More

Camer­on Moll pos­ted a thread on Twit­ter urging people to write. Here are the four tweets quoted:

I’ve found it incred­ibly dif­fi­cult to make time for long-form writ­ing the past few years. When I have, the cata­lyst has been remind­ing myself of the tre­mend­ous ROI as a design­er, man­ager, busi­ness own­er, and so on.
If you want to be a bet­ter design­er, write more.
If you want to be a bet­ter man­ager, write more.
If you want to be a bet­ter biz own­er, write more.
You can also sub­sti­tute “speak more” for each of these.
The act of syn­thes­iz­ing what’s in your head for an audi­ence of crit­ics leads to increased ana­lyt­ic­al think­ing, self-aware­ness, clar­ity, and much more.
Last but not least, you inspire oth­ers to write—or at the very least ‘write’ by join­ing the con­ver­sa­tion you’ve started. 

It’s some­thing I’ve been think­ing about lots the last couple of weeks. I’ve been want­ing to post to my blog more because I think it will be bene­fi­cial for me in many ways, one of which to help me build dis­cip­line and self-con­trol in oth­er areas of my life.
The thing that really strikes me about this Twit­ter thread, the whole thing would make a good blog post. It prob­ably would’ve been easi­er to post to a blog as well, likely have a longer life span, and con­sequently have more of an impact. Not all writ­ing on a blog has to be long to have an impact, if it’s worth string­ing four tweets togeth­er in a thread to make a point, it’s worthy of a blog post.