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📚 The New CSS Layout by Rachel Andrew

Pub­lished: 2017
Rating: â˜…★★★★
Fin­ished on: 30/12/2017
This was my last book of 2017. I start­ed it at the end of Novem­ber and kept want­i­ng to try things out so it took me a lot longer to fin­ish than it should’ve. It’s a book I’ll be return­ing to over and over in the next few months while I keep try­ing out the new CSS tech­niques in my work. Look­ing for­ward to the more pow­er­ful and exten­sive lay­out options that are now becom­ing avail­able to us. The web has start­ed to look very same‑y in the last 12–18 months, main­ly I believe, due to design­ers try­ing to make it eas­i­er to build respon­sive web­sites. I firm­ly believe some of the new CSS specs will allow that to change and for design­ers to start push­ing bound­aries again.