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Habits of Grace

After my posts and think­ing about dis­cip­line last week, on Sunday I decided to order Habits of Grace by Dav­id Math­is. It arrived yes­ter­day and the study guide that goes with it is set to arrive either tomor­row or Friday.
It’s a book that’s been on my radar for a while both for it’s sub­ject mat­ter, and if I’m being hon­est, it’s design. I’ve res­isted buy­ing it in the past because I’m aware I already have a large pile of books to I’ve yet to read, but hav­ing spent some time in pray­er, read­ing, and think­ing around this sub­ject I decided it was time to get my fin­ger out and order it.
I’m look­ing for­ward to diving in over the next month, all to often it’s easy to start grind­ing things like dis­cip­line in terms of hob­bies and pas­sions. As a Chris­ti­an ground­ing the desire for dis­cip­line and self con­trol in God and my faith is of far great­er import­ance. Doing that is far easi­er to say than it is to do, and so I’m hop­ing that this book, along with build­ing momentum by writ­ing here on my blog will help that muscle of dis­cip­line grow into more areas of my life.

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  1. @philbowell That book has inter­ested me as well! I even own it. Unfor­tu­nately I’ve been great at mak­ing excuses: “I’ll read it with my wife.”, “I’ll read it when I have more time”, etc. I def­in­itely need to just do it. See­ing your post inspired me to put it on top of the list.

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