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An early spring clean

As I’ve been post­ing here more and more recently, I’ve spot­ted a few things about the site which I’m not happy with. One of the biggest issues has been around how I sort posts and all the meta data that is related to them.
For the last few years I’ve used Word­Press’ built in Post Formats to organ­ise the type of con­tent I post here. They’ve allowed me to dis­play con­tent in dif­fer­ent ways for each type of post I make. Along­side the Post Formats I’ve been mak­ing use of cat­egor­ies, each post got cat­egor­ised with a cat­egory that cor­res­pon­ded to the type of post it was. This week I real­ised how redund­ant those cat­egor­ies are. Essen­tially I’ve been adding the same inform­a­tion to a post in two dif­fer­ent ways, con­sequently posts have not had much con­text in terms of what they are about or how to find sim­il­ar posts.
This morn­ing I’ve spent a bit of time chan­ging that. Posts are now cat­egor­ised in wider sub­ject areas and con­tain many dif­fer­ent types of posts. I plan to sur­face the Post Formats inform­a­tion when I redesign the blog to have a design unique to me and that doesn’t make use of one of the stand­ard themes.
One con­sequence of the re-cat­egor­isa­tion of posts is that it’s sur­face how woe­fully I’ve been tag­ging posts. Cur­rently I have 337 tags across 686 posts. That’s a lot of tags, but even with just a curs­ory look over the tag list shows I’ve got many vari­ations on the same word. One of my next, and prob­ably most tedi­ous tasks, will be to sort out and clean up my tag list so that they provide bet­ter gran­u­lar categorisation.
It should provide a more use­ful hier­archy of meta data to the site, Post Format (type of post) \> Cat­egory (wider sub­ject) \> Tags (smal­ler sub­ject inform­a­tion). Hope­fully it means I’ll be able to find my own posts bet­ter, Word­Press’ recom­men­ded posts might actu­ally be use­ful and return to the site, and read­ers will be able to find more posts related to the one they’re reading.

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