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The world is going mad. I’ve just seen a sham­poo advert with one of it’s points being that it doesn’t have any gluten in it… what does gluten have to do with wash­ing your hair?

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  1. @philbowell I mean, gen­er­al­ly speak­ing it is advis­able to avoid gluti­nous sham­poo since when com­bine with water and vig­or­ous knead­ing gluten tends to turn into glue…perhaps they’re just assur­ing cus­tomers that their sham­poo is not actu­al­ly glue?

  2. @philbowell If you have celi­ac dis­ease, you can’t ingest any gluten. So you have to make sure that no gluten reach­es your sys­tem. (I’m gluten-sen­si­tive, but not celi­ac, so I don’t wor­ry about my sham­poo, but I know peo­ple for whom it is a problem.)

  3. @philbowell Yep, as @macgenie says. I was going to fol­low-up to say that when it comes to autoim­mune con­di­tions there are so many unknowns so even prox­im­i­ty to the cause of the prob­lem (in this case gluten) presents dan­ger that ought to always be avoid­ed when possible.

  4. @philbowell Yep. Med­ical research is like­ly to uncov­er a lot more of this kind of infor­ma­tion as time pass­es, since we’re only going to put more resources into areas like autoim­mune dis­eases and neu­ro­log­i­cal ill­ness­es; this com­bined with how com­pli­cat­ed and, frankly, weird the human body is means we’ll all be tak­ing a seri­ous look at exact­ly what it is we do when we feed the glob­al man­u­fac­tur­ing machine.

  5. @philbowell I think it’s most direct­ly a prob­lem via inges­tion but there is the pos­si­b­li­ty of more than that. So inges­tion is the main threat and right­ful­ly gets most of the atten­tion. Also, there’s just the risk… I mean, I like to think that my clean­ing prod­ucts don’t get any­where near my mouth, nose, and ears but half the time I’m bare­ly awake when show­er­ing so who knows, heh.

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