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I’ve seen sev­er­al posts on Twit­ter today com­ment­ing that because the media is report­ing about the new Roy­al Baby, we should­n’t for­get about Win­drush and NHS fund­ing. The impli­ca­tion that those items are far more impor­tant and should­n’t be side­lined by some­thing like a birth of a child is incred­i­bly patro­n­is­ing to me. Whilst I would agree those things are impor­tant, why can’t peo­ple just take a moment and realise that the birth of a Roy­al Baby brings many peo­ple a lit­tle bit of joy in amongst the stress of life?
The Roy­al Fam­i­ly is an impor­tant part of our British her­itage, when events like new babies hap­pen in that fam­i­ly it’s some­thing which we can all share in the joy. Just as many peo­ple filled the streets for the last Roy­al Wed­ding because it brought them an excuse to cel­e­brate and for­get about the dif­fi­cul­ties of life for a bit, so too does the arrival of a new Prince.
There’s noth­ing wrong with the birth of a Roy­al Baby tak­ing over the head­lines for a day, it won’t do us any harm. Those oth­er mat­ters will still be around, and will still be in the news cycle tomor­row or for as long as they are deemed impor­tant enough to be.
So let’s just relax a lit­tle, and share the joy of a fam­i­ly as they cel­e­brate the safe arrival of a new lit­tle boy into the world.

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