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So 1Password just released a new ver­sion of their Mac app. Seems like they are real­ly push­ing you towards the sub­scrip­tion mod­el, but some­thing about that just makes me feel uncomfortable.

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  1. @philbowell @jemostrom I do trust their posts about their encryp­tion. From what they’ve said, it’s impos­si­ble from them to get access to your vaults. If you for­get your mas­ter pass­word, you have to start from scratch—there’s noth­ing they can do.

  2. @Bruce @jemostrom it’s less about that and more about trust­ing one com­pa­ny with all my pass­words and the feel­ing that gives me. The trou­ble is I’ve been using the app for so many years I wouldn’t know how to han­dle all my pass­words with­out it.

  3. @philbowell Key­Pass? It’s not native to macOS, but it’ll run via mono or wine. Also, it’s open source.
    I need to dou­ble check, but I think 1Password on the Mac may make local back­ups of your sub­scrip­tion vaults. So even if AgileBits goes away, you’ll have your data.

  4. @BestofTimes Free use and updates to all their apps, access via a secure web­site, and (for family/teams) easy shar­ing and access con­trol. For less tech­ni­cal mem­bers of a fam­i­ly, you can get them back in if they for­get their mas­ter pass­word. Of course, no one can do so for you.

  5. @jemostrom I don’t know any­thing about the com­pa­ny, but found this pass­word app via Vec­tor’s show notes (not endorsed by them, but through the import instruc­tions on their spon­sor’s web­site). It’s made by a US com­pa­ny, but you can sync via Web­DAV on your own serv­er. And they don’t seem to have their own sub­scrip­tion ser­vice, unlike most of the competitors.

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