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Saw First Man at the cinema this even­ing. Bril­liant film, wasn’t quite pre­pared for the level of intens­ity it has, but abso­lutely engross­ing. The only down­side, some of the cine­ma­to­graphy made me feel a little motion sick at times, but without it the film wouldn’t have worked as well. 🎥

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  1. @philbowell It’s quite good. I was a little sur­prised by how much I liked it, hon­estly – went in with only medi­um-level expect­a­tions. And, yes, def­in­itely one to see on the big screen. Abso­lutely. I saw it in an Imax cinema. But don’t sit too close or, as Phil said, motion sick­ness might be a problem.

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