Write More

Cameron Moll posted a thread on Twitter urging people to write. Here are the four tweets quoted:

I’ve found it incredibly difficult to make time for long-form writing the past few years. When I have, the catalyst has been reminding myself of the tremendous ROI as a designer, manager, business owner, and so on.

If you want to be a better designer, write more. If you want to be a better manager, write more. If you want to be a better biz owner, write more. You can also substitute “speak more” for each of these.

The act of synthesising what’s in your head for an audience of critics leads to increased analytical thinking, self-awareness, clarity, and much more.

Last but not least, you inspire others to write—or at the very least ‘write’ by joining the conversation you’ve started.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about lots the last couple of weeks. I’ve been wanting to post to my blog more because I think it will be beneficial for me in many ways, one of which to help me build discipline and self-control in other areas of my life.

The thing that really strikes me about this Twitter thread, the whole thing would make a good blog post. It probably would’ve been easier to post to a blog as well, likely have a longer life span, and consequently have more of an impact. Not all writing on a blog has to be long to have an impact, if it’s worth stringing four tweets together in a thread to make a point, it’s worthy of a blog post.