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📚 Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Author: Susan Cain
Pub­lished: 2012
Rating: â˜…★★★★
Fin­ished on: 13/02/2018
I don’t nor­mally read psy­cho­logy related books, but this one caught my atten­tion and intrigued me a great deal. I’m an intro­vert, mul­tiple Myers Briggs tests tell me I’m an INFJ—the rarest of them all—and for a few years I’ve struggled with how to har­ness my per­son­al­ity to work for me as a freel­ance designer.
The book is a fas­cin­at­ing read and one which I recom­mend intro­verts and extra­verts read, it will help both per­son­al­ity types under­stand each oth­er a bit more. What was most inter­est­ing to me is some of the chapters about the effects of our cul­ture on intro­ver­ted chil­dren and how that affects their abil­ity to learn and pro­gress in life. Also of real interest were the chapters about fak­ing extra­ver­sion to help over­come some of the issues many intro­verts battle, I’m still mulling over some of the strategies that were high­lighted, espe­cially those in regard to run­ning your own business.
This is a book I will be return­ing to in the future, I’m already look­ing to grab a copy of my own for such a time.