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Self Portraits

This is a really inter­est­ing post from Colin Walk­er about what we have effect­ively been doing on social media for the last 10 years. Paint­ing a self por­trait of ourselves over time.
I’ve nev­er thought about it like that before, and when you add in you’re own blog or per­son­al site, it makes for a rich and tex­tured ongo­ing piece. His con­clu­sions at the end of the post are challenging…

We can tell the stor­ies we think oth­er people want to hear. We can tell skewed stor­ies as we are often not truly hon­est with ourselves. We tell oth­er people’s stor­ies rather than our own, without com­ment, without opinion.
What use are the wrong stor­ies and are we doing ourselves a dis­ser­vice by telling them? 

I think, that without real­ising it, over the last few months of try­ing to revital­ise my blog and using Micro.blog I and many oth­ers are try­ing to reclaim our stor­ies and take hold of the paintbrush.
Post­ing to Twit­ter through your own site first changes the focus of the ser­vice entirely. We go from being a pass­ive con­sumer, lik­ing, retweet­ing, reply­ing, with the occa­sion­al ori­gin­al post, to an ori­gin­al post being the focus. We are cre­at­ing and adding to our own story rather than expand­ing and adding to someone else’s. Of course it’s not wrong to be involved in oth­er people’s lives, we are cre­ated to be in com­munity, but by cre­at­ing first the involve­ment turns into a con­ver­sa­tion rather than just turn­ing the volume up for someone else. There’s a bal­ance to be found.

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