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Haptic Architects Teach the Benefits of the Scandinavian “Work Life Balance”

Work/Life bal­ance is a thing many of us struggle with. I know when I was 100% self-employed it was the thing I struggled with most, there was always some­thing I felt I should be doing. Whilst many people claim that doing what you love means you have a per­fect work/life bal­ance that seems far to ideal­ist­ic to me. Work is work, wheth­er we love what we do or not and we need a good bal­ance between it and the rest of our lives.
It seems Haptic Archi­tects have that same aware­ness, and so I was inter­ested to read about the Bene­fits of the Scand­inavi­an Work/Life Bal­ance that they have imple­men­ted in their design stu­di­os. It seems a healthy approach to work and demon­strates a real aware­ness and care towards their employees.