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📚 Artemis by Andy Weir

Pub­lished: 2017
Rat­ing: Rating: â˜…★★★☆
Fin­ished on: 2017/11/19
Andy Weir’s sec­ond nov­el after his huge­ly suc­cess­ful The Mar­t­ian was an inter­est­ing read which I enjoyed a great deal, but for me it’s not quite on the same lev­el as his first book. For some rea­son I found the sto­ry to be much less believ­able than The Mar­t­ian which made it a slight­ly less com­pelling read. I can’t quite put my fin­ger on why I found it less believ­able, per­haps because it was a sto­ry set in the not too dis­tant future on the Moon rather than one of explo­ration on Mars. Either way, if you enjoyed his first book, you’ll prob­a­bly enjoy this one as well.

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