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Adobe’s iOS App Failure

Over on Six Col­ors Jason Snell speaks of his dis­ap­point­ment with Adobe’s iOS offer­ing. I’ve long been dis­ap­poin­ted with Adobe’s approach to the plat­form and I couldn’t agree more with his comments.

But it’s frus­trat­ing that Adobe has failed its core design cus­tom­ers to such a degree—and it’s also a big risk for Adobe. Pho­toshop com­mands a lot of space in the brains of many cre­at­ive pro­fes­sion­als, but a lot of those people want to use iOS. If Adobe provided them with ful­filling tools for iOS—ones that are as cap­able as what’s avail­able on macOS and Windows—it could keep its cus­tom­ers loyal. 

As a design­er the iPad has always appealed to me as a means of cre­at­ing. It seems like it should be the most intu­it­ive way of lay­ing up designs and draw­ing out ideas. The iPad Pro and Apple Pen­cil only served to enhance this idea for me. Yet Adobe con­tinu­ally fail to acknow­ledge that we could do ser­i­ous work in an iPad. They keep serving up “mobile” apps instead of actu­ally con­sid­er­ing how an app like InDes­ign or Illus­trat­or could function.
It took Microsoft years to bring Office to iOS, and in that time apps arrived to fill the gap they had left caus­ing Office to lose mind­share. That’s now start­ing to hap­pen to the Cre­at­ive Cloud apps, Affin­ity Photo is excel­lent, and more than cap­able of grow­ing in to the gap left by a lack of a fully fledged Pho­toshop. My hope is that oth­er apps will rise up to fill the gaps left by a lack of full ver­sions of Illus­trat­or and InDes­ign or that Adobe gets its fin­ger out and cre­ates them.