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A mid-year review

Last week I was away at the CMJ Con­fer­ence, I had the pleas­ure of join­ing them to take pho­tos of the event, post to social media through­out it on their accounts, and to hear some excel­lent bible teach­ing in the pro­cess. It las­ted from Fri­day after­noon to late Sunday after­noon, and by the time I got home I was abso­lutely exhausted. I spent most of the week recov­er­ing whilst try­ing to work and, thank­fully, have spent most of this week­end doing some ser­i­ous intro­vert­ing at home.
Last Sat­urday after­noon while I was sat on the sofa read­ing and watch­ing Le Tour, it struck me that we are nearly at the end of July. We’re over halfway through the year and it seemed like a good time to review some of the goals I set out with at the start of the year.
For those who don’t know, I laid them out in my now page at the start of the year, which saw an update in April. Whilst I didn’t make a post here about those updates, a mid year review of those aims seems like a good thing to make note of.

Health & Personal

One of my aims at the start of the year was to take bet­ter care of myself than I’ve done in pre­vi­ous years. I bought a Fit­bit and set out to hit the 10,000 steps per day goal. That aim is going reas­on­ably well. I’m hit­ting an aver­age of 9,219 steps per day, which isn’t quite the 10,000 I’m aim­ing for. How­ever when you con­sider that I’ve spent a total of 2 weeks taken out by ill­ness (thanks former house­mates for shar­ing your bugs) or my wis­dom tooth oper­a­tion when I barely hit 1000 steps a day, I’ll take it.
In terms of exer­cise, I was play­ing foot­ball most weeks until it stopped for the sum­mer, although I wasn’t enjoy­ing it quite as much as I had done. The couch to 5K plan hasn’t really happened either, run­ning is some­thing I do not enjoy, I find it frus­trat­ing and bor­ing so eas­ily become demo­tiv­ated to do it. I have how­ever been doing a Fit­star work out most weeks since May, although I con­fess that June/July has not been great on this front I’ve star­ted that up again this weekend.


I’m pleased to say that I am still work­ing through the 5 Day Read­ing Plan. I’ve got­ten behind a few times but nev­er more than a week, and what’s more, I don’t find myself read­ing out of oblig­a­tion but out of desire to keep read­ing The Word of The Lord.
My use of the Pray­er Mate app has also con­tin­ued although much more spot­tily. I go through phases of using it every­day and then phases of only using it here and there. That’s ok though, it’s a tool after all and not an oblig­a­tion or the only way to pray. The times I’ve used it well it’s been bene­fi­cial, but so have the times when I have not used it as much.
When it comes to the mem­or­isa­tion of scrip­ture, I’ve not been quite so good. The Verses app is still on my iPhone, but I haven’t used it as much as I hoped. I plan to be more inten­tion­al over the second half of the year to make use of this app.


I’m still con­tinu­ing to do this, and in fact the last couple of months have been busy and very enjoy­able. Please do recom­mend me or get in touch if you know any­one who might need some design work.

This Site

I am post­ing to this site more reg­u­larly, although the major­ity of the posts are small status type posts I have been able to post a few more con­sidered posts. One thing I’ve noticed it that I am post­ing less links which means that more of the con­tent here is ori­gin­al and not point­ing to some­where else. One thing I have decided to do is put less pres­sure on myself to post, it’s my site after all and so why should there be a pres­sure to put some­thing here if I’m not feel­ing cre­at­ive in that way.
I have also star­ted anoth­er side pro­ject, and I can’t decide wheth­er to dual post here as well as there. In the mean time it will remain where it is and on Medi­um as a publication.


My Goodreads Read­ing Chal­lenge is on track. Of the 25 books I pledged to read I’ve read 13 so far and am a good chunk through 2 more. Once again the num­ber of fic­tion books are out­weigh­ing the non-fic­tion ones, which is under­stand­able as I read at the end of each day to help me relax, it is some­thing I would like to be more even over the next half of the year.

On reflec­tion it’s been a pretty good first half of the year, both in terms of the goals I set out to accom­plish and in some of the things that hap­pen in life. My pray­er is that the second will con­tin­ue in this vein, per­haps with a bit more pro­gress on the health­i­er liv­ing side of things than I’ve had so far.

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