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Squares in Lanscape
The first day of the pho­to chal­lenge run­ning on Micro.blog sets a theme of squares. This is the view out of the square win­dows in the place I’m stay­ing with my Growth Group from church this week­end. It’s called The Old Vic­arage and looks out on the Glouces­ter­shire coun­try­side out towards the Riv­er Sev­ern. It’s a calm, slow, and relax­ing part of the world.

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  1. @philbowell The pho­to is removed when Micro.blog has to trun­cate a longer post over 280 char­ac­ters. Since this is for the pho­to chal­lenge, I’ve man­u­al­ly added the pho­to back to your post so more peo­ple can see it. (Still trun­cat­ed, though.)

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