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Why Margin is Critical for Doing Your Best Creative Work

A healthy dose of mar­gin in your life gives you the space you need to think, dream, strategize, wrestle through com­plex­ity, focus deeply, and, ulti­mately, do your best cre­at­ive work. 

This piece by Shawn Blanc has been sat in my Instapa­per for quite a while, but when I read the sen­tence above I imme­di­ately agreed. When you’re in con­stant hustle mode, when everything down to what jobs you work on and when you can find time to send out those all import­ant invoices is imper­at­ive to your abil­ity to exist in life, decisions and dreams dis­ap­pear. When there’s no mar­gin in any­thing in your life, your abil­ity to work well goes and your abil­ity to even think cre­at­ively van­ishes let alone do the work your busi­ness depends on.
I’ve learnt the hard way, mar­gin in life is imper­at­ive to being able to cre­ate well.